Thursday, May 15, 2014

WTW's and Docstalk Readers-Special Notice

Forgive the interruption to your normally scheduled blog. It seems that my main blog, Docstalk ( is having significant layout difficulties.  This has happened before and it takes Blogspot some time to "get to my blog" to fix it. I have notified, I think, the Blogspot fixers and asked to have my blog put back to normal.

Until that time I am moving all most of my posts to our second blog, Writing the Wrongs.  I am adding a couple features from Docstalk-we do not mean to inconvenience anyone and thank you for allowing us to co-mingle two blogs. For the near term, WTW readers will be receiving more international news as well as radical Islam information. We will also do our best to post Israel and Israel related items consistent with WTW's stted intentions.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  Docstalk remains online but dramatically impacted-I will add some stories from time to time.  Thank you loyal readers for understanding-all the best-doc

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