Saturday, May 03, 2014

Netanyahu: Learning the lessons of the past; J Street: The Pro-War Group

Elder of Ziyon

From Ian:

Binyamin Netanyahu: Learning the lessons of the past
Today, we are unafraid to speak the truth to world leaders. As is written in the Bible: "I will speak of your testimonies before kings, and I will not be ashamed… listen, for I will speak the truth." Unlike the Holocaust, when the Jewish people were like a wind-tossed leaf and utterly defenseless, we now have great power to defend ourselves, and it is ready for any mission.
This power rests on the courage and ingenuity of the soldiers of the IDF and the men and women of our security forces. It is this power that enabled us, against all odds, to build the State of Israel. Look at the remarkable achievements we have made in the 66 years of our independence.
All of us – scientists, writers, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, employees, artists, farmers – the entire people of Israel, each one in their own field – together we have built a glorious state. The spirit of the people of Israel is sublime, our accomplishments tremendous. Seven decades after the destruction of the Holocaust, the State of Israel is a wonder of the world.
On this day, on behalf of the Jewish people, I say to all those who sought to destroy us, and to all those who still seek to destroy us: You have failed, and you will fail again. The State of Israel is stronger than ever. It is a state that seeks peace with all its neighbors and it pulsates with an iron will to ensure the future of our people.
"The people will arise like a lion cub and raise itself like a lion...and Judea will dwell securely". (Numbers 23:24; Jeremiah 23:6).
Irwin Cotler: 70 years since the Hungarian Shoah, Am Yisrael Hai
I write at a historical yet painful moment of remembrance and reminder: the 70th anniversary of the Shoah of Hungarian Jewry, when some 600,000 Jews, three-quarters of that country’s Jewish population, perished in 1944. It has also been 70 years since the rescue of the remnant of Hungarian Jews by Raoul Wallenberg, the disappeared hero of the Holocaust, who demonstrated that one person can confront evil, can resist, can prevail, and thereby transform history.
I write also having participated in the March of the Living in Budapest this past Sunday, and then on Monday in Auschwitz. In Budapest, I joined tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews and their supporters in reenacting the death march from the Danube River to the eastern railway station. In a period of 10 weeks, 430,000 Hungarian Jews were herded onto cattle cars at that station and deported to Auschwitz.
Those 10 weeks represent the fastest and most brutally efficient extermination of the Shoah.
Israel prepares to mourn 23,169 casualties of war and terrorism
Israel is set to pay tribute to 23,169 casualties of war and terrorism who have fallen since 1860.
On Sunday evening, events marking the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism will be held around the country.
The Defense Ministry said 57 newly fallen had been added to the casualty count since the last Day of Remembrance in 2013, and that an additional 50 disabled IDF veterans died due to their disability.
The number of bereaved family members stands at 17,038, of which 2,141 are orphans, and 4,966 are IDF widows.

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