Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Israel is screwed, blued and tattooed

Ted Belman [This is a letter I wrote to a few respected analysts.]
Jonathan Spyer just wrote Shifting Mideast Sands Reveal New Alliances
I was disappointed with the article as he didn’t factor in US policy. I pointed out that there is a very strong bond between Qatar and the US. They are working together to align with Islamists throughout the ME and N. Africa at the expense of the secular dictators.
The S Arabia split with Qatar is also a split with the US.
While the US is still supporting the MB in Egypt, S Arabia just declared them a terrorist organization.

As Jonathan pointed out, there is an alliance between S Arabia and Egypt.  Israel is an ex officio member of that alliance. Which brings us to Hamas. Both Qatar and Iran are are establishing a foothold in Gaza; Qatar through Hamas and Iran through Islamic Jihad.
As we know, Egypt is destroying the tunnels to Gaza and fighting Hamas, al Qaeda and others in Sinai. Less known is that the CIA is backing the Islamists in Sinai and elsewhere. The US is committed to bringing down al Sisi and restoring the MB to power.

Because of my reference to the Brookings Institute, a contact of mine in the intelligence community wrote to advise,
    “The United States, by locating its intelligence fusion operations in Qatar,  has  deliberately chosen to permanently freeze out any potential future Israeli participation. Worse, the US radar operations  in Turkey will not share information with Israel. And even worse, United States manned  radar operations within Israel might not provide Israel with interception information. “
He also brought to my attention Martin Indyk: The Objective Mediator? by David Bedein. Bedein shows that Indyk is totally compromised and has been throughout his various roles due to Qatari money.
I forwarded these links to him :
Tiny Qatar casts a giant shadow
EXPOSÉ: Qatar’s takeover of Europe
Obama’s Islamist connection and agenda
The US no doubt is looking at Europe which is getting weaker and is increasingly under the sway of Islamists. The US probably betting on Islamists as an extension of US power over Europe and ultimately over Russia.
I just posted this article published by SNET Daily.Israel overcomes Obama’s embargo, upgrades Apache helicopter fleet
I do not know anything about this source so I approach it with caution. In that article the Editor says:
    “This recent story demonstrates the ongoing policy of the Obama regime to transform Israel into a passive punching bag and defensive laboratory for the US military industrial complex, as demonstrated by his recent decision to allocate more funds for the “Iron Dome” interception system (in which the US mega-contractor Raytheon shares a stake), while putting an embargo on offensive systems like the AH64 platform which is crucial to counter guerrilla and  counter terrorism operations in Gaza and Sinai – two key regions currently infested with CIA sponsored Islamic terror groups.
    In this case the Israelis have managed to overcome this embargo by upgrading the platform on their own, thereby increasing the prospects of opting out of the trap Obama has set for them in the Southern region. However, effectively neutralizing this threat requires political decisions more then any weapon platform. So far there is no sign of a serious political will in Israel to solve that problem in the same manner the Russians solved the Chechen problem (and are going apparently to solve the Nazi problem in Ukraine and Crimea).”?
Which brings me to the current connection between the US and Iran. We were all shocked when Obama capitulated and lifted sanctions. We shouldn’t have been. One year earlier, Jerry Gordon wrote an article which saw this coming. He referred to it as an “October surprise”.
The US is riding two horses seemingly at odds; the sunni one and the Shiite one. This suggests to me that Syria will be divided as it is now between the sunni controlled areas and the Alawite/shiite controlled areas. Something for everyone. I venture to say that there is more to the Iranian embrace than I am cognizant of.
Bottom line is, Israel is screwed, thanks to America.
Sorry to trouble you with my ruminations. I was hoping that you may have written on the matter or perhaps would undertake to do so.
Posted by Ted Belman

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