Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Defense Minister Ya'alon,

Please know that I am among the many who admire and support your efforts on behalf of Israel.
As we are aware of the unyielding pressures placed on this country by others, it is reassuring that you stand firm against those who do not understand the precarious situation in the Middle East; some critics of Israel have political interests that are not compatible with our security. 
I personally applaud your candor in expressing your frustration with U.S. Sec'y of State Kerry's unending pressure for dangerous concessions by Israel in the interest of creating yet another terrorist-apartheid state in the chaotic Middle East. 
My personal feeling is that it is time for us to take the initiative and tell the regional history of the last one hundred years -starting with San Remo.  We simply cannot allow the world to think that our history began in 1948.  How many times can we permit the partition of our promised homeland ?!!!  No nation can survive with 'settlement blocks'.  It is time to establish our legal and historical rights to the land.
It is also essential to expose the fact that we Jews were identified as 'Palestinians' worldwide until 1948 and that our previous name has been usurped by the Arabs for political expediency since it matches the name of the territory that they would like to claim.
We must also emphasize to the world that Israel is the bulwark of freedom in a region of radicalism whose endgame is the destruction of Western civilization and its replacement by a worldwide caliphate and sharia
As one who does hasbarah for Israel - mainly to the U.S. where I was born and grew up - I am prepared to help in any way that you deem necessary and hope that you will feel free to contact me for this purpose.
Most sincerely,
Chana Givon
in beloved Jerusalem
Israel Co-Chairperson
Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

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