Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jodi Ruderon and the "Palestinians"

My Right Word

When you are imprecise with your political terminology, the results can be catastrophic.

For example, here is a comment I left at the NYTimes' Jodi Ruderon's Facebook page where she wrote of "Palestinian citizens of Israel":

Let's zero in a bit on my words:

I am sure I commented on her use of the term a few weeks ago but here it is again:

what are "Palestinian citizens of Israel"? There is no "Palestine" to be a citizen of. Do you mean Arabs who are Israelis, in that they are citizens of Israel who assert themselves as Palestinians? Can Jews be Palestinians? Okay, they once were when there was a Mandate of Palestine but when Israel was established, no more of that. Can Jews be either citizens or even residents of a future "Palestine" or will that be a uni-ethnic state reserved for Arabs, as Palestinian Authority officials state?

Moreover, the term is intended to support the Arab campaign within Israel to achieve the status of an ethnic autonomy administration.

Ms. Ruderon 

should stop that usage as it is ideologically subjective and not reporting.

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