Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PM Netanyahu, “We were re-exposed to our enemies true face” and … Happy Chanukah

srael Ministry of Foreign Affaire
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Jerusalem, Israel
Cabinet communique

Netanyahu: Yesterday we were re-exposed to our enemies’ true face. They have no intention of compromising with us; they want to destroy the state.
At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday, 9 December 2012):
1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:
“I would like to wish all of you, and the entire Jewish people, a happy Chanukah. Chanukah is one of our most important holidays. It shows our people’s latent ability to withstand greater forces and to overcome them, out of faith in the justice of our cause and the willingness to defend ourselves.
Of course, defending ourselves requires defense against the jelly doughnuts on the table. I suggest that we apply to them, or at least consider applying to them, the principle [regarding Chanukah candles] that we are not allowed to make use of them but only look at them, or cut down on their calories or make them smaller. In any case, Happy Chanukah!”
Prime Minister Netanyahu added:
“Yesterday we were re-exposed to our enemies’ true face. They have no intention of compromising with us; they want to destroy the state. They will fail, of course; in the annals of the history of our people, we – the Jewish people – have overcome such enemies.

But it is interesting that Abu Mazen has issued no condemnation, not of the remarks about the destruction of Israel, just as previously he did not condemn the missiles that were fired at Israel. To my regret, he strives for unity with the same Hamas that is supported by Iran.
We in the Government have no illusions. We want a true peace with our neighbors. But we will not close our eyes and stick our heads in the sand. We are not prepared to repeat the same mistake of a unilateral withdrawal and withdrawals that, in effect, led Hamas to take control of Gaza. I have always been astonished at the delusions of others who are prepared to continue this process and call it peace. You would hand over more territory, in this case in Judea and Samaria that controls Israel’s cities, to the same people and the result, of course, will be a Gaza on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Hadera and Kfar Saba.
Therefore, we must – and are capable of – standing against this. We will also withstand the international pressure, were it not for which, we would not have reached this point. Today, this is what is required from leadership in Israel – to have no illusions, to stand up for the vital interests of the State of Israel and to rebuff the pressure to bring Gaza into every home in Israel. This is what we are doing and will continue to do.”
2. Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed ministers on his meetings with Czech and German leaders last week. The visit to Germany was held in the context of the meeting between ministers from the two countries, in the framework of which various bilateral issues were advanced.
Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear that the meetings were held in a positive and friendly atmosphere.
3. National Security Council Chairman Yaakov Amidror briefed ministers on developments in the Middle East. He discussed the situations in Egypt, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and the Palestinian sphere.
4. The Cabinet discussed participation by ultra-orthodox men in the civilian service.
5. The Cabinet discussed and decided to adopt the recommendations of the inter-ministerial committee on promoting agricultural research and development in Israel.

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