Monday, November 07, 2011


(italics for emphasis)

Oh, all this talk of 'Palestine' is making me quite weary,
Just convoluted history and , frankly, it is eerie!
So long ago - two thousand years- the conquerors from Rome
Decided then to change our name -deprive us of our home!

'Judea' turned to 'Palestine' ; our heart remained in place
In holidays to celebrate and saying daily grace.
Our name was 'Palestinian' - the 'pushka' blue and white ~
Our history was recognized in every holy site. Our ancestors left names behind so we would know for whom
Each edifice was built with love - like Mother Rachel's Tomb.
Our Temples in Jerusalem - with love we still recount
The fruits we brought three times each year - G-d's home on Temple Mount!

We never meant to leave the place that was our land of birth ~
Though war and hatred pushed us to all corners of this earth
A remnant of our people 'held the fort' and did remain
Two thousand years of hope our dreams would bring us home again!

Our Jewish 'Palestinians' - with courage did persist
In living with an enemy that would not co-exist.
The League of Nations - fifty-nine - unan'm'sly agreed
The Jews had rights to Palestine - the whole - they all decreed!

But that was 1922 and Arabs in the land
Decided it belonged to them - "Jews, leave!" was their command.
But history had taught us well - no longer would we roam ~
Two thousand years was long enough - the call was 'come on home!'

Re-birth - May, ninety-forty-eight - a cause for celebration ~
We settled for a smaller state but still face condemnation.
'Israelis' now - we build this land; - the country is a gem
While fending off attacks the world refuses to condemn.

The Arabs -'Palestinians' -a name they would not use
Adopted it because they knew that it would make the news!
They goofed in their stupidity - oh, time and time again ~
And now they've brought their high jinks to the fraudulent U.N.!!

UNESCO's got the problem now because the U.S. shunned
The 'Palestinian' demand - and will no longer fund ~
Oh! poor UNESCO getting back a little bit of tsoros ~
Perhaps they ought to ask for help from trouble-maker Soros!

The man that I've just mentioned - frankly, gives me indigestion !
I think that I can even give a more correct suggestion ~
Instead of building houses for the killers just let loose
Abbas should fund UNESCO ! I bet that would cook his goose!!

in beloved Jerusalem
Nov. 7, 2011

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