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Can There Ever Be Peace Between Muslims and Jews?

Dear Ali Sina,

My name is Yafa and I am currently a college student in the metro Detroit area, which has a huge population of Muslims.

Recently we had a speaker come to our University – Gill Hoffman from the jpost, and Muslim studets organized a huge protest against it. These are the pictures from the event. I have never seen so much hate and anger in my lif I don’t think all of them are alike. I believe education and communication can help solve this. However, many of the Muslims on our campus refuse to listen to anything about Israel and anything that has to do with it, which makes it impossible to communicate with them. The only thing they see is the oppression of the Palestinians and nothing else. How do you suggest I go about that? How can I at least get them to listen to what the other side has to say? In the end all I want to do is to promote peace between Arabs and Jews, which will never happen if we don’t listen to each other.

I greatly appreciate your time,


Hi Yafa,

Promoting peace between Arabs (Here I mean exclusively Muslims) and Jews is a delusion. Anyone who suggests such thing is ignorant of Islam. The hatred of the Jews is mixed with the milk that Muslims drink from their mother’s breasts. It is in the Quran. As long as Muslims believe in the Quran they will continue hating the Jews.

As far as Muslims, peace can be attained only when the Jews are subdued and subservient to them, recognize them as superior, pay jizyah with willing submission and feeling themselves humiliated. If this is not your idea of peace, then prepare to defend yourself.

Know your enemy. This is the golden rule of war. If you think as a Jew you can make peace with Muslims you don’t know your enemy and your defeat becomes inevitable.

I sometimes wonder at the naiveté of non-Muslims. Don’t they read the Quran and other Islamic sacred texts? A group of naïve Jews has joined a group of deceiving Muslims to form the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement This is like the alliance between sheep and wolf. They say ignorance is bliss.

Any alliance between Muslims and Jews will be temporary. The goal is to deceive. Muslims know that at the end they will kill you. Sahih Bukhari (4, 52, 77) says “Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

This is what Ahmadinejad is dreaming. He wants to be the person who will hasten the advent of the Hour, by massacring the Jews. He is convinced that if he nukes Israel Mahdi will come out of his hiding well and will make the righteous Muslims, i.e. the Shiites, dominate the world. If millions of Muslims are killed in the process, it is not a problem because once Mahdi comes, the dead will resurrect.

You ask what you can do for peace. The first thing you shoul do is to stop deceiving yourself. Know your enemy. He uses land as an excuse. Why a person from Iran, or Pakistan or Indonesia should care about Palestine? It is you that he hates. He hates you because you are a Jew. The same applies to the liberal in the west who takes the side of the Palestinians. They all masquerade their anti Semitism by claming they are concerned about Palestinians. Palestinians don’t need any body’s concern. They have thier own homeland, called Jordan. Jordan is bogus name given by the British. That country is Palestine.

Muslims don’t want to kill you. They wants to subdue you. And the more you give in the more they demand. Giving up land for peace or releasing 1000 terrorists to show good will emboldens them. They see these concessions as victory and escalate their hostility for their final victory, which is your total subjugation.

You Jews must understand one thing. As long as you are Jews Muslims will hate you. The very name Jew excites the Muslim and brings in him unbounded hatred. Watch the beheading of Daniel Pearl. His killers made him say he is a Jew and his father and mother are Jews before beheading him. Why? They did it because it excited them. It brought all their hatred out and they relished butchering him. By reminding themselves that he is a Jew they took a sadistic pleasure in killing him. This is difficult to understand. Maybe an example helps. Some people enjoy sex more when they engage in dirty talk, moan and make noises. The fact that these Muslims’ victim was a Jew gave them so much pleasure that they wanted to hear him say it. To them it was ecstasy. They were not just killing an infidel, they were killing a Jew. Their pleasure was unbounded.

You can’t be friends with a people who hate you so viscerally. Don’t say some Muslims are better. That is nonsense. Ask those “better” Muslims whether they are ready to denounce the verses of the Quran that incites hatred against the Jews. If they are really better, they shoud leave Islam.

For Muslims, “Jew” is a word of insult. They call you johood. It sounds like yahood (Jew) but it is a derogatory term, possibly derives from jihad and it may mean somone who should be fought against or someone who fights against God. If a Muslim wants to insult his fellow Muslim he would say to him, you are worse than a Jew. And that is a serious offence. You must have read that Muslims sometimes call me a Jew. It is not that they think I am a Jew. It is because they want to insult me. By calling me a Jew they express their hatred.

You must understand that you can’t make peace with Muslims. They will never accept you as equal. They will accept you as dhimmi (bonded) but never as equal. This is true about Christians too, but Jews are first and Christians will be the next. As they say, first comes Saturday and then Sunday. What they mean by this is that first we will subdue the Jews (people of Sabbath) and then the Christians, who celebrate thier religion on Sunday.

There is only one solution. Muslims must be weaned from Islam. Instead of trying to establish a dialogue with them, which you will never succeed, attack their religion. Help them see Muhammad was a liar and this insane hatred that they harbor for the Jews is the result of following a psychopath. They act insane because they follow an insane man.

You can’t appease a bully. The Jews in Medina could bring Muhammad down and smash his nose, but they feared him instead and tried to appease him. It resulted in their genocide. There were millions of Jews in Germany and not all the Germans were against them. They could fight against Hitler, assassinate the Nazis, bomb their headquarters, and shoot them in the streets. They could cause chaos and burn the cities. Many Germans would have taken their side. Governments can be toppled when there is unrest. But they didn’t do anything. They tried to not rock the boat. Six million of them were incinerated as the result. Compare that to how a tiny group of Muslims have terrorized the entire Europe that no one dares to whisper a word against them. What does this tell us? It tells us that strength gets more result than appeasement.

Isn’t it time for the Jews to realize that the only way to survive is through strength and not through appeasement?

Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama when this man’s enmity to Israel and his connection to Muslims were glaringly obvious. They decided to close their eyes to facts and believe in his lies. Even today, after this fraud has proven to be no friend of Israel, most Jews will vote for him again. What is wrong with you people? If you don’t know what is good for you, what can others do for you? Why the great majority of Jews are liberal when it is clear that the Left has left them in the cold?

So you want to know how to make peace with Muslims. You can’t, unless you agree to be a dhimmi. Muslims will never take a Jew as their friend or ally. This is against the Quran (5:51).

There is only one solution. Wean them from Islam. Show them that Islam is a lie and Muhammad was a psychopath. He was a deceiver. This is not difficult. I have been doing it with great success. Muslims are leaving Islam in large numbers. Truth is setting them free. Once they leave Islam they will be your friend and ally. Then you can have peace with them. Only then Palestinians and Jews can live together.

Most of the wars and killings that are happening now are because of Islam. They will cease. The world will be a safer place. This is not wishful thinking. It is a reality that is happening already.

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