Sunday, October 23, 2011

What does the future bring following Schalit's release?

Yisrael Medad

The campaign for the release of Gilad Schalit is over.

This now leaves us with this reality, for the future:

- one freed Gilad Schalit.
- 1027 freed terrorists...
- ...and over the past four years, another 1223 freed terrorists; altogether 2250.
- promises by Arab terrorists to continue kidnappings.
- no lessening of anti-Israel propaganda by either Hamas or Fatah.
- no signficant weakening of Hamas, rather emboldening.
- weakening, however, of Israel's and Israelis' security.
- weakening of Abbas as head of PA. - strengthening of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (where they are linking up with Hamas)
- ramifications of the amazing inability of GSS/IDF to locate him or free him over 5 years.
- lessening of Bibi's posture as "terror expert".
- unease of Americans who looked to Israel to be a beacon of "stand firm against terror".
- 1 American/Israeli, Ilan Grapel, still left in Egypt
- 1 Israel's spy left in America - Jay Pollard.
- Jews seeking revenge.
- human rights groups can't be trusted.
- weird anti-Zionists unsatisfied.
- encourages anti-Israel sentiment in the US.

Do you feel happy or...uncomfortable? Fearful? Unsure of the future?

And yes, I have read this by Elliott Abrams:

But those who think the determination to free Gilad Shalit wrong have at least as heavy a burden—and in humanitarian terms a greater one—to bear than those who believe Israel's government made the right decision.

Nevertheless, I think I am pointing to a major problem.

Consider also these two polls.


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