Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prophecy was Given for Fools

Ari Bussel

Prophecy, it is said, was given to fools. Allow me then to amuse myself looking at the coming weeks.

The usage of the phrase “9/11” refers in our collective minds to the September 11th, 2001, attacks on the United States. The Twin Towers reduced to shambles in an avalanche of dust particles, a section of an outer ring of the Pentagon on fire and Flight 93 disintegrated into fragments, the memory of American heroes.

Recently, I referred to September, 2011, as 9/11 of the Jewish People. Two events, scheduled to coincide back-to-back in NY are the Palestinians’ recognition by the United Nations as the new member of the family of nations (“Free, Independent Palestine with its eternal capital Al Quds”) followed two days later by Durban III, the UN circus in which Zionism is equated to racism and thus Israel becomes an Apartheid state to the guards of human rights and dignity, those at the helm, representatives from Syria and Libya, Sudan, Iran and North Korea. The Jews are satanic demons and Israel the source of all the ills in the world. In order to make the world a better place, one only needs to rid oneself of the Jews and their hornets’ nest. Nothing is new about that mindset except the intensity with which hatred again sees the light of day and is universally tolerated.

Many countries have already either recognized Palestine or expressed their unwavering support for the new country. Celebrations in the streets of Palestine will take place no-matter-what, a momentary euphoria, followed in a most characteristic manner of the Arab street by firing into the air, preparing to erupt into a war.

Israelis still remember the United Nations General Assembly vote on November 29, 1947, for the partition of British Mandate Palestine between the Jewish inhabitants and the Arabs. It was a historic, pivotal moment, the rebirth of a country whose roots in the Land of Israel go back 3,000 years. Against all odds, despite their being outnumbered and outgunned, Israelis prevailed. The Arabs’ war to destroy them failed.

In a complete reversal of roles, this time around, unlike the six month period between the end of November 1947 and May 1948, it is the Jews and their military might who will refuse to recognize the new country set out to destroy it, and with it the hopes and aspirations of millions of displaced Palestinian refugees. To the world and its guards of decency and human dignity, this is unacceptable.

Iran and Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza will activate their “mutual defense” multi-lateral agreements and set out to defeat the evil Zionists. They, who for decades disallowed the integration of their brethren, the Palestinian refugees, into their societies, will now embark on the most important journey of all: Eradicate the Jews, Wipe Israel off the Map.

This mockery and outrageous travesty is really not a transposition of history. Once all Arab nations were determined to destroy the Jewish state that came into being, now it is a continuation of the same. The main difference in the sixty four years that have elapsed is that the players have switched: The infant has become a mighty military machine, while the nemesis plays the innocent victim.

There is excitement in the air. For a few months Israeli politicians, from the Prime Minister on down, have spent their days traversing the world, from the major European capitals to small and not so small nations in Africa. It is all about to culminate in a mega celebration in NY. Everyone who is someone is about to be in NY next week, the week of the vote (Tuesday) and the conference (Zionism is Racism, on Thursday).

There is a definite beneficiary of the New Palestine and the UN efforts to eradicate Israel and that is the City of New York. Hotel rooms that are exorbitantly expensive by any standard are at full occupancy. Restaurant bookings are close to impossible. I do not know though what weather was ordered for the week, and I am not going to attempt to guess as there are lines even I stop and respect, lest I make a real fool of myself.

Members of the Knesset, ministers, deputy ministers, vice prime minister, experts, well wishers (to Israel), lay leaders, NGOs personnel and many others. The Israeli Prime Minister will be present too, to set the record straight.

Netanyahu stated:

My UN trip will have a double goal. The first goal is to ensure that this move to bypass negotiations does not succeed and is stopped in the Security Council. I think that this is, to a great extent, an achievable objective. The second goal is to address the General Assembly and present our truth and – in my opinion – the general truth, which is our desire for peace. The fact that we are not foreigners in this country, that we have rights in this country that go 'only' 4,000 years, I will say this loud and clear. I will also speak about our intention to achieve peace with our neighbors while ensuring our security. If these were always clear and necessary, they are much more important today, especially now, when the Middle East is undergoing a great upheaval, from Tunisia to Yemen, from Libya to Egypt, Syria and throughout the region, when we do not know what will happen from day to day and how things will go.

I have one message to all: DO NOT COME. Stay in Israel and fight back. Take the necessary measures. You know what the are. Why rejoice in the funeral of your own country, as the grave is being dug and a huge mountain of dirt is piled up, ready to cover the remains of the Jewish state? It is a very sad turn of history. A new grave the world will be able to visit, a place where future celebrations of the Jewish culture and country can be held much like they are conducted regularly in Poland, after much of Polish Jewry (approximately half of the Six Million of the Holocaust) was exterminated some seventy years ago.

If Israel was truly concerned or fathomed the enormity of the threat, it would have reacted already. Showing up at the UN, or nearby, is practically no reaction at all. It is too little, too late, and will do nothing but inflame those well wishers who came for a last ditch effort, maybe even prompting them to violence, else to utter dispair, thus playing once again into the hands of Israel’s enemies.

Israel needs to fight back, and the way to fight is not to wait until the worst happens and then have a state commission of inquiry headed by a retired judge or a former head of state with a panel of experts. Where is the Jewish ingenuity, the knowledge of the enemy and the courage to take the necessary steps, ahead of the enemy and not in a reactionary mode?

Simply put, Israel and Israelis have lost the will to fight. They have created a make-believe world in which they convinced themselves they are just and will prevail no matter what. A higher power is protecting them, they believe, so there is really no reason to do much.

Jews outside of Israel are no less at fault. They distanced themselves from Israel and many from the very essence of Judaism, and they have busied themselves arguing all possible eventualities. They have drowned in the imaginary, ever-captivating Palestinian narrative and are concerned more with “what if” than “what is.” They care more for the other, Israel’s enemies wanting its destruction, then strengthening from within and standing strong.

And so, Israel has long been misled by a false sense of security and complete lack of accountability. Israeli politicians are now in the USA on fundraising missions for themselves, their primaries and parties. They are eager for yet another photo-op in which they will compete for two seconds in front of the international media.

It is not even laughable. What is Israel’s message? Is there one? I see many, and they are confused and lack strength or resolve. Elected leaders and others at the helm are not presenting a unified front. In fact they present no-front-at-all. They offer empty words with no actions behind them. One says one thing, another says something else, and life in Israel continues its flow.

I was not surprised to hear that today the Palestinian Authority explained to the members of a leading Israeli-Jewish human-rights organization (code word to “we can do everything to attack Israel under the guise of ‘human rights’ because we are Jewish and Israelis, but we really are very harmful”) that there is nothing to worry about. The vote next week is benign and the speaker even had the audacity to say that their moves are very similar to those of the Jewish state in its infancy.

Say you not! You stole it right from the textbook of Zionism and the formation of the modern state of Israel. Yes, there was a short period of time that lasted about six months, sixty-four years ago, when Jews in Palestine were astonished by their immensely good reversal of fortune. When the Arabs needed to overcome the shock of reality— the Jews have a country? Their reaction: Over our dead bodies! We will drive them into the Sea!

Actually, the intention to throw the Jews into the Sea came later, as in the first half the 20th Century it was pogroms plain and simple. Butcher the children, men and women, the elderly and the young. Incidentally, the notion of “throwing the Jews to the Sea” was subsequently replaced by the objective of “wiping Israel off the map.”

Only a fool refuses to see what is happening and where we are headed. Assuming there are smart people in Israel (there must be many, just by the number of medical and scientific advances), how is it they have not evaluated the odds of maintaining the current course and suggested solutions?

Doing something is not an uncoordinated attempt at traveling, without a coherent message or a plan of action. The situation requires devoting every second of every minute fighting for Israel’s survival. The vessel is about to sink, and when it starts, the pull will be so great the events will take place at an amazing, dazzling speed.

Israel is unprepared, and will be hit with a tremendous thrust. Any attempt to fight the newly recognized “Free (to be), Independent (not-yet) Palestine,” will anger a world that will be as protective as a mother of her newborn.

Too much effort went into cultivating the notion of “refugees.” The investment in maintaining them, in highlighting their misery and in propagating their story is simply too great. The menace of the Occupation and the Zionist-Imperialist-Colonialist war machine is just too much to bear, so the world will have to interfere.

Smart those Palestinians. They will not have to lift a finger. The only thing they need do now is to allow the world’s anger to explode. Deeply rooted and even better cultivated anti-Semitism will do the rest.

What an ingenious plan. What a way for Israel to be toppled once and for all, and for the world to be cleansed of this filth.

The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.

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