Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jihad Watch reader asks journalist/propagandist Michael Kruse an uncomfortable question

Journalistic standards, anyone? Not when it comes to covering for stealth jihadists and their allies. Jihad Watch reader B.A. forwarded me this exchange he had with the relentlessly unfair pseudo-journalistic ideologue Michael Kruse of the St. Petersburg Times: 1. B. A. to Michael Kruse:

Did you misattribute Robert Spencer's quotation of Omar Achmed's words to Mr. Spencer on purpose, with malice in your heart, as part of some Alinskyite activist-journalist mission? Or was that just sloppy journalistic notetaking and not paying close attention to what people standing next to you are actually saying?

I had to ask you the above two-part question after seeing what Mr. Spencer wrote in his defence about your distortions here .

If it was the former, I suggest you move to Cuba. If the latter, I suggest you keep sober more often.

If I were your boss, I would not give you any further chances to wreck havoc, but would fire you as a reporter if your excuse was the first, or put you on medical leave until you were well enough to do your job properly if your answer was the latter.

2. Michael Kruse to B. A.:

Omar Ahmad has denied again and again ever having said that. At this point Robert Spencer and those who share his beliefs are the ones perpetuating this idea. It's not CAIR saying this -- it's Robert Spencer.

3. B. A. to Michael Kruse:

Thank you for your reply, Mr. Kruse, and thank you for the spelling correction of the name of the person Mr. Spencer had been quoting.

Regardless of his denials, Omar Ahmad said it in 1998, according to Lisa Gardiner, then of the Fremont Argus (of California). To this day, Ms. Gardiner stands by her assertion and the Argus has not posted any retraction.

Are you saying that you believe, as Ahmad asserts, that Lisa Gardiner fabricated it? That would be worse journalism on her part than your misquoting of Robert Spencer was! On what basis would a journalist fabricate such a thing? Or do you think she misheard him? If so, what could he have been saying in reality that would be a reasonable variation that is not Islamic supremist?

Are you familiar with the Islamic tactics of taqqiya and kitman (similar to the Moonies' "Heavenly Deception")?

Omar Ahmad is a muslim, and as such, according to his religion, entitled to lie to you and anyone else outside of the "community of believers in Islam", ie. the "Ummah", in order to protect Islam and its sometimes surreptitious and sometimes overt totalitarian goals.

If I had been in your shoes, and under the obligation to present a fair and balanced report, I would not have messed with Robert Spencer's quotation of Omar Ahmad, but would have added a line about Ahmad's denial. I'd also point out that his denial could very well be taqqiya (and personally, I very much believe it is).

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