Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Iran's package eyes Israeli nukes

Press TV

Amid Iran's efforts to settle disputes over its nuclear activities, Foreign Ministry spokesman has explained details about the country's new package to be proposed to the West. . "The proposed package will definitely include Iran's nuclear issue based on an international approach," Hassan Qashqavi told IRIB Sunday.

He said that the "comprehensive and updated" package aims to prepare a ground for Iran to have more fluid interaction with the West.

"We cannot raise the nuclear issue without speaking of an international disarmament. We cannot speak of a Middle East without nuclear weapons while making no words about the more than 200 nuclear warheads of the Zionist regime [Israel]," added the spokesman.

Iran is drawing up a package of proposals, which will be presented to the international community soon with the aim of resolving the main international problems of economic, cultural and moral challenges.

Qashqavi pointed to the ongoing global economic crisis and said, "Iran's proposed package will suggest solutions to the economic crisis based on principles of the Islamic economy."

Iran had earlier provided critics in the West with another package that covered various issues pertinent to politics, security and the economy.

The previous Iranian package had been presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana and the representatives of the 5+1 Group in response to a Western package of incentives delivered to Iran by Solana.

The package extended by the West offered Iran certain economic incentives in exchange for Iran halting its uranium enrichment activities.

Iran is a member of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is therefore granted the right to develop a civilian nuclear program. On the issue of Western insistence that it seeks to develop nuclear weaponry, Tehran says it has no such plan.

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