Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Support media doing a good job

Dear Bret,

I am an American in Jerusalem involved in research on world anti-Semitism and terrorism. You will be pleased to know that I am an avid Fox viewer and want to compliment you on the manner in which you conduct the panel discussions. The present situation in the Middle East is most complex; it did not begin in 1967 or even 1948. Arab terrorism against the Jewish residents in the land was carried out for many decades before that. Does anyone know that for about 2000 years Jews living in the territory were called 'Palestinians' until they became 'Israelis' with the founding of the State in 1948? In contrast, the Arabs did not want to call themselves by that name until years later when they realized that it would be politically expedient to use that name. "Arab" and "Palestinian" are not synonymous.

Listening to tonight's (it is 2.a.m. here now - testament to my loyalty to your program!) panel discussion I must tell you that Chas. Krauthammer expressed clearly what confronts Israel as the Obama administration is ready to apply unyielding pressure on her for a 'quick fix'. Nina Easton appears to understand as well. Unfortunately, Juan Williams has bought into language like 'occupation' and 'settlements' and does not appear to have any understanding of the workings of the Middle East.

One last important point, Bret. While the Obama administration is attempting to link the Palestinian issue with Iran there is no connection. In 1979 Khomeini, in Iran, decreed that the Islamic revolution would be exported to the world - by force if necessary. This is already happening in Europe with the murders of people who disagree; the vicious killing of Theo Van Gogh is just one example. The dangers presented by a nuclear Iran exist not only for Israel but the rest of the civilized world. The small democracy in the M.E. is the 'obstacle' to an Iranian takeover of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, as well as Israel and the establishment of a regional haven for the international network of radical Islam. This would further endanger Europe, the United States, and all other freedom-loving countries. A strong pro-West Israel is vital to the protection of civilization as we know it and should not be sacrificed for the temporary appeasement of worldwide terrorist regimes..

Most sincerely,
Chana Givon

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