Thursday, May 07, 2009

The American appeaser

Shaul Rosenfeld
Israel Opinion

Part 2 of analysis

The appeasement equation has a complementary aspect which habitual appeasers seek to use in order to mitigate the anger of threatening wicked men. About 70 years ago, it appeared to British appeaser Chamberlain that the Sudetenland region would be a good enough lifesaver that would satisfy the hunger of a megalomaniac German dictator. At this time, it appears to the American appeaser that the Judea and Samaria region would be a good quality lifesaver even as a remedy to the Iranian nuclear threat.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that “without peace there would be no support for Israel against Iran,” while the White House chief of staff stated that America’s ability to face up to Iran depends on the administration’s ability to show progress on the Palestinian front.

It appears that the unfounded link between “peace with the Palestinians” and the neutralization of the Iranian nuclear threat is becoming a top priority for Obama and his senior aides.

Indeed, what could be simpler than stripping Israel naked of its best territorial assets in Judea and Samaria and turning the evacuated area into a Hamas-land at first and ultimately into an Ahmadinejad-land, while these moves are supposed to provide real backwind to the effort to eliminate the Iranian nuclear program?

Even a rookie would realize that the likelihood that Obama’s pleasant ways (with Judea and Samaria or without it) would convince Iran to avert its quest for nuclear weapons is no greater than the likelihood that a repeat offender would return to the straight and narrow following a reprimand by an etiquette expert or a crash course on Kantian morality.

Indeed, Israel must make it clear to the new US administration that it has no urge to be like Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.

Similarly to Churchill’s speech about Chamberlin, the time has come perhaps to a begin drafting a speech that starts with the words “It fell to Barack Obama to be contradicted by events and to be deceived and cheated by wicked men.” However, it is much more important for Israel to unequivocally explain to the Americans that walking like lambs to the slaughter is not part of our plans.

Dr. Shaul Rosenfeld is a philosophy lecturer

Comment: It is past time that we educate and/or indoctrinate (as is Obama doing) that there is no cause and effect relationship between Iran's behavior and the so-called resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Do not stand or sit idly by and allow Obama's group to spew such nonsense-it is their mantra on the month-stand up and state the truth-Obama et al are blackmailing ?Israel-this means you and me-I will not stand for it-please join in the chorus of clarification! Doc

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