Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Obama Wants Israel To First Deliver On PA State

Steve Rodan

Obama Wants Israel To First Deliver On PA StateAdministration sources said the president has relayed messages to
American Jewish leaders that the establishment of a Palestinian state would
be the priority of his first term in office. The sources said Israeli
assistance would determine whether Washington decides to resume efforts to
block Iran's nuclear weapons program.

"The order is first a Palestinian state and then Iran," an
administration source said.

The sources said the White House has determined that a Palestinian state
by 2012 was vital in the formation of any international coalition against
Iran and its nuclear weapons program. They said Israel would be pressed to
enable Palestinian Authority security forces to deploy throughout the West
Bank as well as dismantle Jewish communities.

"They are systematically setting up the most decisive confrontation that
we've ever seen," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

Obama's message to American Jewish leaders came on the eve of his
meeting with visiting Israeli President Shimon Peres as well as the annual
conference by the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. The sources said
the president wanted to clarify his position to the Jewish community before
the visit by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on May 18.

"Obviously, we want these [American Jewish] leaders to relay the
president's priorities to Israel before the visit of the prime minister,"
the source said.

The sources said Obama has also told European Union leaders that his
administration would be more forceful with Israel. They said the Obama
message stressed that Israel would not be allowed to sidetrack the
international effort to establish a Palestinian state.

On May 3, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told an AIPAC forum
that Obama would demand concessions from Israel and the Palestinians in the
U.S. effort to establish a Palestinian state. Emanuel said a resolution of
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would enable an effective U.S. approach
toward Teheran.

"All sides must meet their commitments, as difficult as they may be,"
Emanuel was quoted as telling 300 AIPAC donors in a closed session. "This is
the moment of truth for Israel and the Palestinians."

Obama was also said to have reaffirmed his determination for renewed
talks for an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in the
1967 war. The sources said Obama was convinced that Israel should pursue
negotiations with both Syria and the Palestinian Authority over the next

"The president will get very specific in his talks with the Israeli
prime minister," the administration source said. "The president will discuss
specific measures and timetables.."

On May 5, Obama was scheduled to meet Peres at the White House. The
sources said Obama would discuss his vision of the Middle East with Peres in
an effort to prepare for the White House meeting with Netanyahu.

"Unfortunately, the Middle East finds itself in the shadow of a nuclear
threat," Peres told AIPAC on May 4. "We shall refuse to give up. We refuse
to surrender."

Comment: OK, first everyone needs to step back for a moment. Do not believe every news story-they have their own agenda and plan to report or should I say determine the news each day. There is no , nada, none, cause and effect relationship between the "Iran situation" and resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.Remember, 1979, a certain religious leader became the leader of Iran after over throwing the government. He said that it was his intention to export the Islamic revolution to the entire ME-this is in progress today-has nothing to do in its origins nor in its daily activities with Israel (other than wipe it off the map) or the Palestinian. Time for the truth to be stated, over and over until Mr. Obama's naive view of the ME is CHANGED!

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Anonymous said...

There can be no compromises with Palestinians.
God gave the land of Isreal. It is written in the Bible.
A two state solution would be a violation of God's word and his plans for his people.
The only solution is for Arabs to move to Arab lands.
There's plenty of places they can live besides Israel.
Israel should be a Jewish state and it cannot fulfill its destiny if Arab are allowed to live there.
The new Israeli government is taking a more hardline view. A rejection of the two state solution that has been constantly supported by misguided governments along the way.
One cannot ignore the will of God.
The Jews are the chosen people.
Any attempt to divide their God given land is an abomination and insult to God.