Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Want to know there are civilian deaths?


Hamas using children in combat support roles

A child in Gaza describes how he and other children are being used in combat support roles for Hamas fighters. According to the Palestinian child, children are being used as scouts to follow Israeli movements, and as couriers to supply ammunition and deliver information to the Hamas fighters. The following is the description of the children's combat support roles, quoted in an Israeli Arab weekly:

"[The newspaper] Kul Al-Arab called many Gaza Strip residents, to comprehend the situation of the people who are suffering for two weeks from the wild Israeli aggression...

Khaled, from A-Rimal [in Gaza], said: 'We the children, in small groups and in civilian clothes, are fulfilling missions of support for the [Hamas] Resistance fighters, by transmitting messages about the movements of the enemy forces, or by bringing them ammunition and food. We ourselves are not aware of the movements of the Resistance fighters. We see them in one place, they suddenly disappear, and then reappear somewhere else. They are like ghosts, it is very hard to find them or hurt them.'"
[Kul-Al-Arab (Israeli Arab weekly), January 9, 2009]

Comment: This and much more is going on daily in Gaza. Children are not only used as human shields they have been used as messengers, carriers, spotters-is it any wonder when they are killed. They are recruits and thus enemy combatants. Be appraised, even with this knowledge, Israel does not target them-however, the abusive Hamas leaders do use them and anticipate "collateral" damage-the more the better they say.

It is beyond my comprehension why the Western media will not report these stories and/or actions of abuse. Human rights groups should be outraged yet they remain silent. By the way, international law does define these children as enemy combatants-be aware of this information when you read/hear the body count.

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