Friday, January 16, 2009

Here is another powerful letter from Israel

Someone responding in anger to a cousin who was being sympathetic to Gaza

Go to Hell David. Come and live in Sderot and ask this question. All Hamas rockets are meant to kill Israeli civilians. They have no political objectives. They are aimed at cities, not army bases. The Israeli army can't ask for ID cards when attacking. We got out, and got DAILY rockets in return ever since. We did not react for 3 years. The so-called cease-fire was entirely one sided, while Hamas and Jihad shot qassams and mortars every day. This was probably not reported much because it was not news. But when Israel reacted, that became news. You know damned well that if the shoe were on the other foot, the civilian Israeli casualties would be much higher. More Israelis died by suicide bombers than Hamas have. Egyptian, Palestinian and other Arab leaders have openly blamed Hamas for provoking Israel's natural reaction. Where were you while their rockets were landing? Did you decry their ignoring civilians? Or aiming at them? Did you join marchers against Palestinian actions? Have you any feelings for the many Palestinians who don't want Hamas, but some peace? All attacks have been aimed at Hamas operatives and soldiers. They are going to move around civilian areas on purpose in order for there to be casualties, and you swallow it. What about our humanitarian rights? Is it right or fair for us to remain target practice forever because these scum refuse any accommodation? Are we to keep letting them prevent our kids from going to school or play outside while they lob lethal weapons at us everyday, AFTER we left Gaza as they have cried for so long? You are not good natured.

You are willing for Jews to die but cry for people who want to wipe us out so they can keep doing so, just so you can have a clear conscience. Well David, again go to Hell. I've had enough of phony liberals like you. Canada fired live ammo at a Spanish ship over fishing rights, but for an Israeli to fight back to stay alive is an outrage, despite all the measures designed to minimize civilian casualties. Each time a border crossing was opened to allow food and supplies into Gaza, it was attacked by Hamas, who then insisted that they be reopened for humanitarian reasons. And you pay for it. Our Palestinian gardener and I have solved the mid-east problems many times while he eats lunch at our house. He understands and is disgusted more than you are. The Palestinians could have had a country and peace many times but have rejected it every time. The Arab world is sick of them. I really have nothing more to say to you.

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