Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hamas TV 'Kills' Another Host

Maayana Miskin Hamas TV 'Kills' Another Host

Assud the rabbit, the latest co-host of Hamas's children's television show Pioneers of Tomorrow, has become the latest character to leave the show. The show's producers reported that Assud was murdered by Israel, and the last episode showed him dying in a Gaza hospital after being hit in an Israeli strike during the Cast Lead operation.. Two previous co-hosts, Farfour the mouse and Nahoul the bee, were written out of the show in similar fashion. An early episode of the show included Farfour's “death” at the hands of Israeli agents who wanted a deed to his grandfather's land. Nahoul “died” in an episode in early 2008, supposedly because Israel refused to allow medicine in to Gaza.

Assud's appearances on the show included threats to “eat the Jews” and “liberate our homeland from the Zionist filth.” He also threatened to “eat the Danes,” following the publication of cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a Danish paper.

In his final appearance on the show, Assud asks hostess Saraa to “continue my path... the path of education, loyalty and resistance.”

"Teach our children that we have a land,” Assud tells Saraa, “A land that we will return to—Yafo, Akko, Haifa, Tel-Rabiye [Tel.” Saraa comforts Assud, saying “Don't be sad Assud—victory is close, Allah willing.”

Following Assud's “death,” she turns to the camera to preach to the audience. “Don't you see how the enemy, don't you see how the Zionists, wage war on our children?” Saraa asks.

Children Sing 'Fire the Kassams'

In a segment preceding Assud's "death," two young boys sing a song glorifying rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. “Fire... Fire... Launch the Kassam rocket at the oppressors,” the two sing, while wearing military-style vests.

"Our honor calls to us... The time has come to respond,” the song continues. The song was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

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