Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Behind the Lovely Face

Rachel Saperstein
Her face is sweet. Her blond hair falls casually over her eyes and she sweeps the wisps back behind her ears. Her head is angled to the side. Her designer pantsuits appear well cut. A few bulges appear here and there, but we forgive her. They've nicknamed her "Mrs. Clean" Behind that lovely face and soft voice there lies a cruelty that only those from Gush Katif seem to remember. Her name is Tzipi Livni and she is front-runner to replace Ehud Olmert as Prime Minister of Israel.

I remember Tzipi Livni when she bolted from the Likud party in 2005 and joined Ariel Sharon in his hastily formed Kadima party. She became his protégé and willing partner in the crime of expelling Jews from Gush Katif. As Justice Minister, she gave legal backing to Ariel Sharon, his son Omri and their advisors, whose single aim was to protect the Sharons from prosecution by destroying the twenty-three communities of Gush Katif.

Tzipi Livni, who was raised in a right-wing Likud family, turned her back on her heritage and began her descent into perfidy. And she was the cruelest of them all.

In my book Eviction (Pavilion Press, 2005), a compilation of my blogs, I included a chapter titled "Imagery of the Holocaust". In this chapter, I described the plans being developed by the Kadima party to harass the people of Gush Katif. Livni was quoted from the Jerusalem Post of that period. These are excerpts of quotes attributed to Justice Minister Livni:

"Internment camps are being made ready for those who refuse to leave willingly."

"The Jews will be relocated."

"All possessions of those who oppose the expulsion will become state property."

"Children of demonstrators will be removed from their parents homes and sent to be re-educated."

"Parents will be indicted for putting their children into danger."

The internment camps for families were built deep in the Negev area. Activists who fought for Gush Katif were imprisoned there without trial. Today, the camps are used for African refugees who have entered illegally from Egypt. These primitive camps, in a sweltering climate, are a testament to the perversity of Tzipi Livni.

The Left, Peace Now, Amnesty International, et al. never once complained when these pronouncements were made and the camps were built. But more important than the words is the person behind them - Tzipi Livni. If these were her plans as Justice Minister, what will be her ability to thwart justice as a ruling Prime Minister?

Behind the sweet, self-effacing face is a crafty woman capable of implementing her plans for the destruction of Jewish communities when and where she pleases.

She must not become Prime Minister. She must be punished for past atrocities and planned future atrocities against her own people.
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