Friday, March 07, 2008

It’s not only the barbaric act, it is their aberrant social behavior!

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

Yes, the world should condemn the attack on Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva and there should be moral, social outrage with this evil act. However, the world must stand back and observe the aftermath of human behavior that took place in Gaza and elsewhere in the Arab world. In Gaza City, residents went out into the streets and fired rifles in the air in celebration after hearing news of the attack on the yeshiva. The regular people, not just terrorists, celebrated the murder of religious students murdered in their religious setting. They danced, they threw candy, as is their custom.

It is even worse than this. Hundreds upon hundreds of people made their way to their religious houses of worship-their Islamic Mosques and offered thanks to Allah for this “victory”. They prayed in honor of death, murder and were reinforced by imans for this dastardly behavior. Imagine, so-called religious people praying for murder, honoring killers-this is the message that the world must wake up to-it is not only a “few misguided individuals who have hijacked a religion” it is mainstream people behavior. There is no moral equivalency here, do not even suggest there is.

The “celebration” continued across the territory. Four people were wounded in a rocket attack on Sderot on Thursday evening. One of the victims, who was in his house when it sustained a direct hit, suffered moderate head wounds. Three other people suffered light injuries.

A second rocket hit a gas tank, causing a fire. Firefighters managed to gain control of the blaze. No injuries were reported.

Arabs attacked Israeli drivers on Thursday night, rolling flaming tires onto Route 60 as cars drove past. The attack took place west of Hevron, near the town of Otniel. IDF soldiers witnessed the group beginning its attack and fired on one of the attacker's legs. The attacker was hit and wounded moderately.

These were not military targets; this was not collateral damage. This was premeditated murder of innocent children. These children were readying themselves for a party and instead today they are in shock, mourning and frankly justifiable fear. No more requests for restraint. No more platitudes from Abbas et al. No more “turn the other cheek” value system we have in the West. It is past time for the world community to gather some collective courage and stop playing the political correctness game. It is time to speak, to shout the truth! The line was drawn in the sand long ago-it is time to take action.

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