Friday, March 07, 2008

From Israel:Tonight's Tragedy

In August of 2005 Israel expelled 10,000 Jews from 23 beautiful peaceful communities in Gush Katif - Gaza- and 4 northern Samarian communities. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is now sitting on the latter hilltops as they are strategically so important. An enemy on those sites with chemically treated warheads could destroy many cities from those heights from which one can see the Mediterranean. So why were people forced to leave their homes there? For nothing. The communities of Gush Katif were built with love and dedication. Its residents were forced out - using the police and army - and most are still not settled. Their homes were turned into rubble and they are still being forced to pay their mortgages on them!! But that exercise was done 'in the interest of peace'. Families were traumatized and are still suffering. The greenhouses that had been erected and provided lucrative business were trashed, burned, looted -gleefully- by those to whom they had been left. Terrorists moved up to have easier access to Jewish cities. Why were Israeli citizens forced to leave their homes there? Where is the peace?

Our 'friends' insist that we yield even more territory. They think that all the Arabs need is more land for their own state ...... and it must be contiguous . Too bad if it means that Israel will be cut in two and weakened.
Abbas is 'moderate' and must also be given money and weapons in order to strengthen him; too bad that Hamas inherited the weapons that the fleeing Fatah left behind as they played 'follow the leader, Abbas'.
Now those arms are being used against Israel ; imagine if they have their own terrorist apartheid state where they can hide the weapons that may even be provided by Iran.

Sderot, now even more accessible to barbaric Hamas, has received Kassams daily - sometimes as many as 50 in one day! Her citizens are traumatized. There have been dead, injuries, and homes destroyed.
Ashkelon - providing 35% of Israel's electricity is targeted, too, by Grad missiles. Of course, when Israel talks of shutting off the utilities of terrorists she is castigated for meting out 'collective punishment' on innocent terrorists .....whoops! I should have said 'poor victims' .

The enemy has now set its weapons on Ashdod. 'Pick your target' is the name of the game. Not to be ignored is the world view - condemning Israel for trying to protect her citizens. We are told that it's ok for Israel to do this BUT one must keep in mind the vision of peace and not use excessive force. Tch,tch, tch!
Even Ban Ki Moon of the UN has echoed this view. Absurd!!

Israel's peripatetic prime minister returned from Japan and said something to the effect that 'this is terrible'.
Wonder what he will say now - in light of tonight's terrible tragedy . Guess we'll hear his words of wisdom tomorrow morning. Can't wait... as though we need his interpretation for what has just just happened this evening ...and last week when 2 soldiers were killed in Gaza and the daily casualties . Somehow one just cannot get used to this terrorism and its victims; hope I never do. I cry for each one.......and for those yet to be.

in beloved Jerusalem

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