Tuesday, March 04, 2008

JCPA preempts Israeli Knesset

David Bedein

This week, Israel faced unprecedented escalated Arab missile bombardment on its fragile southern border.

This week, Arab terrorists escalated their military use of the land of expelled Jewish communities from Northern Katif, which they have transformed into convenient forward attack bases.

This week, Jewish communities of southern Israel paid the ultimate price for Israel's expulsion of Jewish communities with the prodding of the US government., when, in violation of clause seven of the disengagement legislation, Israel handed over privately owned Jewish property to groups defined by the state of Israel and the US government as illegal terrorist organizations.This week, despite the lethal threat to the lives of every Israeli citizen by a sovereign Palestinian entity, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the JCPA, passed a resolution in support of a sovereign Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria - which would mean the deployment of Palestinian missiles on the hills overlooking Kfar Saba, Netanya, and the entire coastal plain of Israel.

This week, lawmakers of the Knesset again refrained from enacting any legislation that would cede any more land for Palestinians to use as sovereign territory, since Palestinians threaten to use any land under their control to attack and "liberate" the rest of "Palestine".

This week, however, the JCPA preempted the Knesset of Israel.

The questions to Mr. Martin Raffel, the executive director of the JCPA, remain as follows:

1. By what right does the JCPA support an idea that would pose a threat to the life of every Israeli citizen?

2. Since successive American and Israeli administrations have lied about the peaceful intentions of the Fatah, why does JCPA believe them now?

3. Why does the JCPA preempt the Knesset of Israel? Does the JCPA not know of the 5% approval rating of PM Olmert?

4.Why does the JCPA not learn from the Gaza precedent of what happens when Israel withdraws its troops and civilians, only to witness that any area under PA control will be transformed into a missile terror base?.


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