Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is rich-Hamas complaining about media fairness!

Palestinian MP Dr. Ayman Daraghma of Hamas Movement has strongly condemned the "obvious bias" of a number of media outlets working in the West Bank while covering events in the West Bank, affirming that media men must cover events with high and unbiased professionalism. He also accused a number of those outlets of "pouring oil on the fire", and of attempting to deepen political division in the Palestinian street with the aim to complicate the Palestinian internal crisis further.

According to Daraghma, a number of those apparatuses had "twisted" facts and tried to portray the unfortunate clashes at Al-Khalil University as a Hamas attempt to spark violence in the West Bank, which he categorically denied.
In a statement he made to the Quds Press news agency Tuesday, Daraghma explained that the students' protest in Al-Khalil University was purely an academic affair and has nothing to do with politics.

Thousands of Al-Khalil University held sit-in rally inside the University campus to protest the rise in tuition fees, and the University's policy of granting scholarship, but the gathering was harshly dispersed by hundreds of PA policemen and armed Fatah militias.

Scores of the protesters were wounded, with at least one of them reportedly in serious condition.

A number of journalists were also wounded in the clashes and a number of camera films were confiscated from cameramen in a bid to conceal the truth.

He added that Palestinian lawmakers in the West Bank were and still are trying to defuse tension in the city in the wake of that savage crackdown on the demonstrators, explaining that the persistent arrest campaigns and maltreatment of Hamas's cadres in the West Bank at the hands of PA security apparatuses loyal to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas significantly contribute to the growing tension in the West Bank.
Hamas Movement insisted that dialogue and dialogue only is the way for the Palestinians to resolve their differences, but Abbas rejected repeated calls from Movement to sit together on the table of negotiations, and to resolve those disputes amicably.

Moreover, the legislator urged journalists working for local and foreign agencies in the Palestinian arena to be "fair" in reporting news, and to always unveil human rights violations against the Palestinian people everywhere.
He also warned that behavior of the PA security apparatuses in dealing with the protestors reveals that those policemen were absorbing the culture of violence and disrespect of freedom of expression.

In this context, Daraghma called on the PA leadership to stop such "mouth muzzling" policies that the PA security men in the West Bank were practicing against the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

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