Thursday, September 13, 2007

Abbas's militias pursue savage practices against Hamas's cadres in W. Bank

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- PA security apparatuses and armed Fatah militias in the West Bank have intensified their arrest campaigns among Hamas's cadres in different parts of the West Bank. At least six of the Movement's supporters were apprehended by the PA security elements in different parts of the West Bank without charges.

Khaled Dwaikat, one of Fatah cadres in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus city, was also arrested by Abbas' armed militias after he attempted to prevent the rounding up of two Hamas's cadres in the said camp.

More than 400 Hamas's followers, including political leaders, municipal mayors, teachers and students among other figures were arrested at the hands of Abbas's armed militias over the past three months.

Families of the Hamas's detainees in the PA jails were fired upon and harshly quelled by the PA security elements and Abbas's armed militias during demonstrations they held demanding the immediate release of their sons.

Correspondent of Al-Aqsa satellite TV channel in Al-Khalil city Ala Al-Titi was summoned by the PA intelligence department, and questined for few hours before the PA security men released him.

Family of Hashim Al-Azmoti, the director of education department in Qabatia city, affirmed that Azmoti had undergone torture sessions in the PA security jails, and that his health was deteriorating due to the PA maltreatment despite his old age.

Azmoti has been detained in the PA jails for one week now.

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