Monday, September 10, 2007

Dweik: National unity is the will of Palestinian people

PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Dweik, who is imprisoned in Israeli jails, confirmed that national unity is the will of the Palestinian people and that the current stage is "very sensitive" and requires everyone to assume his/her responsibility. In an interview with the PIC, Dr. Dweik commented on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas's refusal to have dialogue with Hamas, saying: "There is no doubt that the PA chief's duty is to comply with the will of his people and regarding our case, the demand of the Palestinian people as well as the Arab and Islamic masses is national unity and whoever denies that is certainly against this will."

Regarding Abbas's edicts aimed at disabling the PLC's role, the speaker stated: "In view of the Palestinian basic law amended in 2003, the PLC is the one which has authority to deal with all issues concerning the occupied Palestinian lands."
Dwaik called for not shunning the agreements signed by the factions' leaders such as the Cairo and Makkah agreements, and the national agreement document.

Regarding the international conference on the Palestinian cause scheduled to be held in autumn, the speaker said that this conference will not positively deal with the interest of the Palestinian people, and the international media agreed that all the participants in this conference will act as if there is remarkable progress although there will be no progress.
He pointed out that the conference will be held to serve the interests of the American president and his party in the coming elections.

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