Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hamas claims horror movie photo depicts civilian killed by Israelis

HamasFakeHorrorMovieAtrocityNot only does Hamas try to provoke civilian casualties, but when it doesn’t get them, it fakes them. There is absolutely no moral standing upon which to base support for the “Palestinian” jihadists at this point.
As Muhammad said, “War is deceit.”
“Hamas Uses Horror Movie Still of Headless Girl in Miniskirt to Depict Gaza Casualties on Social Media (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO),” by Joshua Levitt, Algemeiner, July 15, 2014:
As Hamas supporters are being called out on Twitter for posting photos of Syrian casualties from 2012 as victims of the Israeli Army in Gaza in 2014, Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Tuesday posted a clip from Hollywood horror flick ‘The Final Destination 4′ that was used to create another fake that circulated widely on Facebook falsely depicting Israel killing civilians.
StandWithUs created a short clip of the scene from the movie to show how it was transposed into a screenshot used for Hamas propaganda.

In the scene, a group of young Americans are thrown into chaos when a projectile lands on an actress’s head.
The next shot, of the girl lying dead on the ground, with her head next to her, became a Hamas propaganda pic that was shared across social media. It was captioned, “Israeli Air Force kills children in Gaza – BBC,” and translated into Russian, French and Arabic.
On the advocacy group’s Facebook page, one alert commenter, Adar Avrahami, noted, “Right, like someone will believe they are wearing mini skirts in Gaza…”
On Tuesday, watchdog group CAMERA published an analysis, based on fatalities data reported by Al Jazeera, that showed most of the casualties in Gaza were of combat-aged men, not women or children.

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