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The lies about the "Palestinian footballers" (updated)

Elder of Ziyon

Bob Knot in the comments has a tour de force of investigative journalism that destroys the recent libel claiming that Israeli troops fired on the feet of "Palestinian football players" and exposes the people using that incident to disqualify Israel from FIFA as liars. Here I reproduce the comment as a single post.

I found the news about the two young “Palestinian” footballers that were shot by Israeli border police and the growing demands to ban Israel from International competitions upsetting. I know that Zionists “control the world” and all that; there is nothing really to fear, but still, I had to dig up information on the incident. 
It would seem that the anti-Zionist Jew-hating camp never miss an opportunity to demonize and smear Israel .
Dusty of Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers wrote about this new libel here and so did Edgar of Confronting anti-Semitism and Israel hatred on his blog here . Unfortunately, it is not enough.
There are now many calls for the expulsion of Israel from FIFA.
A quick note first and then on with the findings; there was one detail that both Dusty and Edgar were incorrect about in otherwise excellent articles: the two “Palestinian” boys were first treated for their injuries in Hadassah Hospital and were released after four days. Their families checked them then in into a medical facility in Ramallah to be later transferred to King Hussein Medical Center in Amman.
Conflicting reports
The Arabic media first reported on this shooting incident two days after it took place and only after a lawyer for the “Palestinian Ministry of Detainees” got involved. Now, as is often the case in the “Palestinian” world of distortions and lies, there are several conflicting reports on this incident , all disregarding the Israeli Border Police statement .
Notice how Ma’an published two different versions:
“Adam Abd al-Rouf Jamous, 17, and Jawhar Nasser al-Din Halbieh, 19, were mauled by police dogs after Israeli forces opened fire on them without warning near al-Zayyem checkpoint near Abu Dis east of Jerusalem on January 30, Barghouth said.
The pair were visiting a friend's home nearby when Border Police suddenly opened fire in their direction before siccing the dogs on them.” (Ma’an News Agency, Saturday 01/02/2014 (updated) 03/02/2014 10:19, emphasis added)
And then…
“Jawhar Nasser Jawhar, 19, and Adam Abd al-Raouf Halabiya, 17, were shot by Israeli soldiers as they were walking home from a training session in the Faisal al-Husseini Stadium in al-Ram in the central West Bank on Jan. 31.” (Ma’an News Agency, Published Friday 14/02/2014 (updated) 16/02/2014 11:54, emphasis added)

Did the incident take place on the 30th or on the 31st of January?
Were the two visiting a friend’s home as initially reported or were they returning home from training?
Does the Abu Dis Youth Club train in Al-Ram?
Was there actually a training session in the Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium on the 3oth?
Did the two attend one? How about the 31st or were they in the hospital already?
What about the cigarettes story, why was it changed?
Why did Ma’an publish a different version ten days after the first one?

Just look at this map , it is practically unlikely that they traveled from Al-Ram to Abu Dis at night.
The many open questions and holes in the news reports should cast serious doubts about the validity of the “Palestinian” version. Any serious journalist would have looked into the circumstances that led to the boys’ injuries, verify the information, and only then publish the story. That is apparently not the way people that are out to demonize Israel work. Let’s face it; facts are irrelevant, a little research and integrity are not required when the ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.
Love of the game

The Nation, Mondoweiss, and others based their libel and calls for FIFA to kick out Israel on the latest Ma’an article because racism and violence have no place in football. Thumbs up for that, Israelis believe the same; let’s find out more about these two young, innocent, “footballers”, their club, and what does their “training” entail?

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