Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Today I called the White House switchboard (202-456-1111) and left a message for the President.  There is so much at stake and the talk of lessening the sanctions against Iran are absurd. 
We know that Iran is using the 'talk about sanctions' time to continue its progress toward a nuclear bomb.  There is absolutely no doubt about this.  That country has not been lying about its plan to wipe Western civilization off the face of the earth. 
Unfortunately, President Obama has shown his inability to understand the language of the Middle East - saying one thing and doing another.  The risks are too high to take a chance and we must believe Obama when he says that 'he was not informed' as has happened with the fiasco of Obamacare.  He has been informed about the heinous plan of the radical Islamist country's leadership and that cannot be denied!!!
Americans have already suffered in many ways since Obama took office. His domestic and international failures are well known and too numerous to list here.  Will the most recent news of his snubbing PM Netanyahu and refusing to respond to the many efforts to contact the President going to be another way to say he did not know?!!  Hardly. 
Netanyahu has been referred to Sec'y of State Kerry who has also been playing a game - warning Israel that if it does not submit to the demands of the U.S. and cave to the U.S. there will be another intifada and world isolation. This is nothing less than a public invitation to the criminals to commit more crimes!!  Kerry struts around as though he has the power to prevent the nightmare that will befall Western civilization when (not if)
Iran achieves its goal. 
We remember the lies that Kerry told in the past about his military service.  Both he and Obama have been caught with these untruths.  We must call their bluff!  Let's not just sit back and wait for things to happen. It is time for every caring American to call the White House (tel. no. above in the first line.  Messages should be brief, polite, and to the point; it is important to say everything in one's own words.  Take one or two points only.  Call others and ask them to join in this effort.
1.  Iran is continuing its nuclear progress at full speed even while sanctions are being discussed. The White House statement that the threat of military action is making the Iranians work faster is false; they are already doing that!
2.  Stiffer sanctions must be increased - none removed.
3.  Iran must agree not only to stop its work but to begin dismantling its facilities -immediately!!  NOW!!
4.  The U.S. must stop its public display of disregarding the concerns of its Middle Eastern allies re the danger. 
5.  The White House must understand that the United States is in grave danger in the face of an Iranian nuclear achievement.
6.  The White House must be stopped from continuing on its dangerous path. Democrats - particularly those who are up for re-election in 2014 - must take immediate action and prevent the disaster that Obama is courting. 
We must work together to counter what is happening!!

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