Thursday, September 12, 2013

My response to NY Sun re suggestion that Kerry resign

I receive the NY Sun daily on the internet; following is the link and the beginning of the article to which I responded.  If you go into the piece you can continue reading the rest.   My response is below.



Time for Kerry To Resign

Editorial of The New York Sun | September 12, 2013
At this point the best thing that could happen in the Syria crisis would be for Secretary of State Kerry to resign. He’s one of the logical persons to take the fall for this fiasco, given that we don’t live under a parliamentary system and the constitutional concept in respect of the president, any president, is for the decision to be made by voters once in four years. It was Mr. Kerry who made the blunder that has put the administration on track for a classic appeasement.  (The link above will access the complete article.)
Response to NY Sun re suggestion that Kerry  resign – Sept. 12, 2013
The recent confusing statements by the President and Sec'y of State Kerry expose the bumbling chaos that has been characteristic of the Obama administration.   Today the subject is Syria and its WMDs that have exterminated more than 100,000 of her citizens by sarin gas.   One must wonder why the deaths themselves did not demand international intervention rather than the 'means'.   In contrast to the Obama-Kerry team effort to reassure that an attack on Syria would be  'brief and benign' , (boo!) Assad's response to such an action was an alarming threat of strong  retaliation.  

Should there not be even more concern about the looming Iranian achievement of its goal of nuclear capability with which it will terrorize the world?!!   Should not the Sec'y of State,  traversing the globe , anticipate the terrifying prospects of such a reality and organize the international community before there is worldwide mass murder?!!   Instead of tackling this urgent problem,  Kerry's priority is a forced Middle East  'peace process'  the purpose of which is the creation of yet another terrorist apartheid state of Palestine that will threaten the very existence of Israel, the only stable democratic country in a chaotic region.
John Kerry's unfortunate past record was well known and should have provided ample warning . Obviously, President Obama selected Mr. Kerry for the very reasons that he should have been disqualified.  In the interest of all, the Sec'y of State should be removed from his position.  Unfortunately, for the next three plus years we will have to tolerate the dangerous absence of strategy and focus that is Obama's modus operandi.

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