Friday, September 13, 2013

My poem : In a manna of speaking

(again, the italics for emphasis)
At times it can be – oh- such fun
Rewriting stories long past done
To illustrate I'll mention here a sample.
Let's travel back away in time
And I'll present it here in rhyme ~
The Exodus is one such good example!

The desert scene is what I'd choose ~
Disorganized – these haggard Jews ~
Those Hebrews  freed from slav'ry quite oppressing!
Trekking through the miles of sand
To the promised Holy Land
Releasing what for years they'd been suppressing!

Thirsty folk – and hungry, too,
Dissatisfied – their anger grew ~
Poor Moses looked to Heaven –with a wail~
But with G-d he had a bond
And the Lord –He did respond
With portions of a bird that's known as 'quail'!

To quell and pacify their ire
Each one got his heart's desire ~
Flavored just as each of them was seeking ~
Their reactions hardly mild ~
Satisfaction made them wild !
This , I say, 's the manna of my speaking!

Chana G.

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