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Taxpayer funded propagandists.
UPDATE:  The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA) attacks the whistle blower instead of the root of the problem. (NIJ blog)
For the MFA it is apparently more severe that the director of Palestinian Media Watch has an address the Norwegian government disapproves of, than Norwegian tax money going to reward the men and women who deliberately and with pride have killed Jews – the more killed the greater the reward. The attack on Itamar Marcus is very undignified.
It’s well known that the Norwegian state propaganda machine has been arrayed against the Jewish state of Israel (facilitated by it’s taxpayer funded mouth organ, NRK) for decades. That well funded apparatus has maintained a campaign of vilification against Israel, largely for being having cast as the guilty party in the gross failure of the Oslo Accords.
According to a study of the Holocaust Center 38% of the Norwegians consider that what Israel does to Palestinians, is equal to what the Nazis did to the Jews. It’s universally recognized that the Nazis are the symbol of absolute evil. Norway has a population of 5 million. If you deduct children, that means at least 1.5 million Norwegians have a devilish view of the Jewish state.

They are people with dark minds who lie with those in the Middle Ages who accused the Jews of having killed God, who were then at the time, the symbol of absolute evil. In the below article, a researcher, Hilde Henriksen Waage and Norwegain FM, Espen Barth Eide help spread these devilish views by their fallacies. Their thinking is in lockstep with that of the present Finnish FM, Erkki Tuomioja, whose identical nonsense was debunked by none other than Prof.Efraim Karsh.
Who promotes these fallacies: nobody else but the NRK
  1. Eide does not say a word about how before the intifada, Israel helped the Palestinians to improve their economy.
  2. No mention of any Palestinian leadership culpability for any of the failures connected to the Oslo peace process
  3. The intifada degraded their economy.
  4. The direct role of political violence in place of direct negotiations to solve workable problems
  5. The role of Islamic/Muslim antisemitism has played in inciting the Arabs to maintaining a high level of hatred for Jews in general
  6. The inclusion of anti-Israel rhetoric within schoolbooks, making it very unlikely that the P.A. is preparing its people for an eventual peace with Israel
  7. Nor of any of the incitment against Israel within its state media, TV and radio prgramming.
There is no reason for the Arab Palestinians to admit to anything, its failures to create a civil society, it’s promotion of hatred and terror and subsequent subversion of the ‘peace process’, when you have Nordic states such as Norway (and Sweden) running a propaganda campaign whitewashing the historical record.
Norway and other states that are involved in protecting the totalitarian minded thugs that run the Palestinian Arab enclaves of the PA and Gaza Strip, are in fact the ones giving hope to the voices of genocide of the Jews, that one day, they will be in fact successful in destroying the Jewish state  of Israel.
NOTE: I am once again reminded of the former Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot, who schooled faux historian and scholar, Avi Shlaim, who failed to recognize any Arab culpability in their conflict with the Jews in his half an hour rant. NRK, the Norwegian media and the Norwegian body politic, could learn a few things from this film clip I took a few years ago at Helsinki University.

And the flow of money has increased each year since the agreement was signed in Oslo: In 1993, Norway 46 million assistance. In 2012, this figure increased to 655 million.
- When things go bad with peace, so paying more for Norway both wanted peace and present position. We have always thought that only we provide enough financial aid, establishing infrastructure and institutions, it would contribute to the goal: a Palestinian state. We thought that we could buy peace, said Waage.
- But there is no doubt that when it comes to peace that nothing has improved in the last 20 years. Everything is rather getting worse. The wealth of the individual may have increased somewhat in the West Bank. But peace has already been worse, she adds.

Most money

According to Norad live the 4.2 million Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. That means that every single Palestinian gets over 150 million of Norway. It put the Palestinians on the Norwegian aid top, if one looks at the development of each individual citizen. By comparison, receives an Afghan 22 million. Other countries receive far less per capita.
- Norway is caught in its own peace process. They feel obligated to pay more the worse it goes with peace. Norway has become his catch in this game. The goals that were once set to reach the Palestinian state is not true: There is no agreement on water, land, borders and resources, said Waage.
- My research shows that from 1993 the harder it was to get others to pay, the more you choose Norway to pay. For political reasons choose Norway to pay so much, she adds.

Budget support

Norway billion has also been used to build Palestinian institutions. Around 2 billion Norway has spent on good governance in the Palestinian territories according to Norad.
Hilde Henriksen Waage - CRITICAL: Researcher Hilde Henriksen Waage believes that the Palestinian state is dead and that the peace project has foundered.  - Photo: University of Oslo /
CRITICAL: Researcher Hilde Henriksen Waage believes that the Palestinian state is dead and that the peace project has foundered.Photo: University of Oslo
It’s more money than anyone in Lillehammer paid in taxes last year. 
Norway has also in recent years poured money directly into the Palestinian budget. PalestiniansSalam Fayyad has received 300 million a year directly into the national wallet since he became prime minister.
The money has given the Palestinians some results: The Palestinian institutions are better than in many other countries as independent states. Both the World Bank, the UN and the International Monetary Fund believes the Palestinians are ready to take over management entirely in their own country.
- State-building has gone very well, while the economy is very bad. And there is a reason – and that is the Israeli occupation, says Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide.
- Are we to pay for Israel’s occupation?
- We are not there now because this is part of a state-building project, but the message is that if we are at a standstill this year after year after year from now, then one might eventually end up there. But I believe strongly that we are not there today, but I feel it is very important to confront the Israelis that there is an obvious risk, respond Eide.


During the last meeting of the donor group AHLC Eide took up precisely this fear that Palestinians will be forever dependent on aid.
- Our task will not be completed until the Palestinian economy can flourish and ensure economic independence. The Palestinian Authority will not be a perennial permanent client of the international donor community, Eide said during his opening speech.
Espen Barth Eide - DEFLECTOR: Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide believes Norway is helping to pay for Israel's occupation, but see that there is a risk that it could happen in the future.  - Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK
DEFLECTOR: Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide believes Norway is helping to pay for Israel’s occupation, but see that there is a risk that it could happen in the future.Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK
He emphasized that while Norway and donors’ goal should be the establishment of an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state that will live side by side with Israel.
- They should live within mutually recognized borders in peace and security, and in a way that both Palestinians and Israelis to realize their national aspirations, says Barth Eide.
It Henriksen Waage not believe that will ever happen:
- It is clear to everyone that peace project has failed. There is no Palestinian state. There are few institutions in the West Bank, but there is no clear to take over and run a state. It’s harder than ever, says Henriksen Waage.
- Do you have any solutions to the conflict?
- No. I’ve stopped believing. The only small hope I have is that Israel itself looks best served by something other than the current solution. Perhaps it may be forced now when the window is different for Obama. But I’m not sure whether he will put his political career on the line for peace in the Middle East, responds Henriksen Waage.

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