Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Over Fiscal Cliff Emerges as the Lesser Evil Facing Congress

DAVID MALPASS, Special to the Sun | December 31, 2012

Comment: While many Americans are struggling - loss of homes, employment, a drastic change in healthcare with uncertain results, and a growing national debt, the Obamas have not curtailed their desire for luxurious holidays that contribute to the financial burden. 

The President's Hawaiian vacation spot is exclusive and requirements that the staff and security detail also be lodged nearby are costing American citizens a hefty bill - close to 4 million dollars -supposedly excluding some of the personal expenses that are covered by the Obamas. One of their daughters also spent a hoiday in Mexico with several friends and this required the expenses of security, etc. This is an unacceptable practice of the 'First Family' and, while entitled to vacations, they are shamefully exploiting their position.

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