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C. Givon - Nov. 3,2012

As every professional knows, academics studies having been passed, there is a required period of practical experience before one is permitted to enter the real world.

Graduates in the field of education, law, medicine, and other professions must then continue their training in rigorous internships to qualify for the responsibilities of public service. This is a feature of a society that constantly aspires to improve – for the benefit of humanity.

There is, thus, an irony in the election to the Presidency of the United States –a unique position with diverse requirements. There is no course of study or examination that a candidate must pass. In addition to age and citizenship requirements, the complexity of the job calls for one with a sound general education and broad administrative experience. The candidate must be of good character and judgment, personable, and the ability to compromise with others in understanding the varying regional needs that must be balanced with consideration for national interests. A vital requirement is loyalty to the values of the American democracy in the international arena.

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States in 2008 brought to the national office a personable, energetic young man with the gift of oratory. By his own description his background differed from that of previous candidates. His public experience was limited to being a ‘community organizer’ with a partial stint in his first term in the U.S. Senate. His elevation to the highest national office was mainly the result of his promise of ‘hope’ and ‘change’, bring people together, with solutions for the problems of the country.

Unfortunately, the inexperienced President has exacerbated the very problems which he had vowed to repair. Even with a Democratic Congress at the start of his tenure Obama has failed, blamed others, divided the country, increased the national debt, and made poor decisions. Internationally, the President’s foreign policy is in disarray –he has alienated loyal allies, undermined American influence on the world stage, and exhibited poor judgment and indecision in critical matters. In short, President Obama’s tenure has been one of failure.

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for the Presidency, has had years of administrative leadership as Governor of Massachusetts, a Democratic state. Inheriting some of the same problems that plague the U.S. today , Romney planned and focused on his goals. He balanced the budget without raising taxes, cut spending, stimulated business growth, created jobs, and lowered unemployment. He also raised the standard of education in the state.

Remarkably, Gov. Romney accomplished all this and more, skillfully reaching across the aisle- forging a bipartisan relationship to work for the benefit of the citizens of Massachusetts. His record of accomplishment for the people of that state must be carried over for the good of the people of the country! A vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket can assure further success – from the White House!

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