Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hamas govt: Salafists can apply for official status

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – The Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip will not 
oppose the establishment of any new political party as long as the process 
is carried out according to Palestinian law, an interior ministry spokesman 
said Saturday.
Islam Shahwan asserted in a statement that freedom of expression and the 
right to establish political parties and other organizations is guaranteed 
for everybody.
Shahwan highlighted that the Hamas government asked founders of the Salafist 
new Al-Nur party to submit an official application to the ministry before 
they announce their party.
“We met today with the founders of the Salafist An-Nur party and briefed 
them about legal procedures they have to follow before they officially 
announce their party,” added Shahwan.
The Salafist movement in Gaza announced last Monday the creation of a new 
political party to be called An-Nur party (party of light). They said the 
party would begin officially operating on Thursday after a news conference 
to announce its creation. The party will work towards implementing Sharia 
law in order to improve people's lives, they added.
Comment:  Gaza is going to now become even more radical-Hamas will use the Salafist 
party as a tool to control the narrative-they will appear the "moderate" group
and they will position the Salafist as the extreme group-of course, the bombings 
will now escalate-guess who will take credit? 

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