Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amnesty hosts yet another anti-Israel Headbanger ...
Readers will be well aware of how Amnesty in London - under the inspiration of its Campaigns Director Kristyan Benedict - offers a platform to every anti-Israel headbanger in the universe. The latest - tonight - was Itay Epshtein of ICAHD (Israel Committee Against House Demolitions).

Prior to the meeting NGO Monitor issued a Press Release entitled "ICAHD and Amnesty-UK Team Up To Abuse Human Rights":
From Epshtein we got the utter fiction that in 1949 Israel pursued an "Evict and Judaise" policy. Another fiction was that Canada supports Israel "because it has problems with its own indigenous minority" (the aboriginal Canadians).

But the meeting really went downhill in the Q+A. Epshtein seemed to think it was acceptable to duck out of answering difficult questions. Thus when a questioner quoted CIA Factbook data on life expectancy in Gaza and the disputed territories, Epshtein questioned the data because it came from the 'CIA'. And he ducked out of answering a question about the Camp David offer to the Palestinians (91% of the West Bank plus 1% in land swaps)by saying that he was not at Camp David! (the source of the detail is Dennis Ross - who was there).

Incredibly ICAHD UK will be holding its 2013 Annual Meeting at Amnesty no doubt free of charge.

Would they host the ZF's Annual Meeting I ask myself ....
The meeting attracted people such as Chris who expressed his disappointment that the UK Jewish Community supports Israel purely because of ethnic reasons. And a lady who said that at the end of the 19th century, Zionists pursued their aim through violence. Utter rubbish. Herzl for example was a journalist who worked tirelessly writing letters to European leaders and meeting them.

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