Monday, June 04, 2012

Ted Belman

I want to make a number of points that few if any are making about Netanyahu’s proposal for the Ulpana demolition order.

1. If he can arrange for 50 homes to be built in Beit El, why doesn’t he do it in any event. What is he waiting for.

2. He said: “It is always possible to resolve this through legislation, but that comes with a price, including in the international arena.” and “The bill could be disqualified by the Court and cause problems internationally, which would result in the outpost being evacuated and damage to the entire settlement enterprise”. Why is he so worried about what the reaction in the “international area” will be? How can the international community react more to such legislation than it will to 50 more homes? And on what basis will they get upset? That the Knesset over ruled the Court? That’s not a war crime, its democracy. Why is he more worried about the world than he is about his constituency but for whom he wouldn’t be Prime Minister.
What he is saying is shocking. He is saying that if we anger the intervational community, they can force the removal of the entire settlement and further damage the settlement enterprise. The suggestion that they have so much power is shocking.
3. We are told that his government has a policy of demolishing Jewish homes on “private Palestinian land” and pursuant to that policy the Government lawyers asked the Court to issue the demolition order. Why does the Government of Israel have such a policy? Why doesn’t it change the policy? Why doesn’t the policy apply to Arab built homes on “private Palestinian land”? Why does our government not argue in Court that the houses were built in good faith and thus it is up to the Court to weigh whether it is better to demolish or to compensate? Given the fact that the Court was just enforcing the request of the government why can the government not change its mind?

4. Why is the government not passing a law that in future, the lower court must first determine the facts of ownership. If there is no valid claim to ownership, then what is “private Palestinian land”? Does anyone know?

5. Why is the government letting Arabs plant on State lands but not Jews?

6. Why does the government seek demolition of Jewish homes built illegally in Area C and not Arab homes which are built illegally in Arab C?


Ted Belman
Hagdud Ha'ivri #1
Jerusalem, Israel

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