Sunday, March 11, 2012

Republicans are afraid of Iran


Sen. John McCain, that venerable Vietnam War hero, former presidential candidate and perpetual blowhard, typifies the dilemma we all now find ourselves in regarding the Iranian nuclear threat. Sure, President Barack Hussein Obama – a Muslim sympathizer not coincidentally born to a socialist Muslim Kenyan father – has intentionally been negligent, along with his Democratic comrades, in allowing this cancer to grow to the point where it not only is an imminent threat to Israel, but also Europe and the United States – but Republicans as well bear a significant responsibility for the mess we now find ourselves in.

McCain is the “best” example, but just one of many! For John McCain, there is virtually no war that is not worth fighting and dying for – particularly if it concerns a weak Arab country in the Middle East. But when it comes to Persian and now powerful Iran, the senator, like the rest of his Republican colleagues, is a coward. McCain’s desire to be only a tough guy when it comes to weak and less formidable Muslim states has been made clear over the last 10 years. First, there was Iraq, a war with noble goals at first – to kill Saddam Hussein and eliminate weapons of mass destruction – but prolonged for no good reason, for nine years, after no such weapons were found. McCain was one of the first to advocate the so-called “surge,” which meant sending more of America’s brave military men into harm’s way when it looked like the United States was “losing” – with no end in sight. In the end, all this accomplished was to prolong the inevitable; Iraq, now controlled by Shiites loyal to Iran, has become a surrogate client state of the mullahs in Tehran. Blood is thicker than water, as the proverb goes, and the leadership in Iraq feels this ” Muslim brotherhood” with fellow Shiites in Iran. After well over 4,000 American troops dead and over 45,000 seriously wounded and maimed, all that we accomplished was to eliminate Saddam Hussein – who, looking back, seems “desirable” compared to Iraq’s current Shiite leaders – not create a democracy in Iraq loyal to the United States and the West. And, what about Iraqi oil, a commodity we so sorely need these days? We have not benefitted from one drop of it, not even having the Iraqis use the proceeds to pay the United States back for “liberating” them from their Muslim selves.

Then, there is Afghanistan, a hopeless cause if there ever were one. McCain wants us to remain there, apparently indefinitely, circled by Taliban terrorists and the Afghan government itself, one of the most corrupt in the world! To make matters worse, the senator, like most of his Republican brothers who spend most of their time enjoying the fine dining of Washington, D.C., has no clue how to end the war and accomplish our objective of defeating the Taliban, which has grown in great strength since the days following September 11.

Then there was McCain’s desire for the American military to intervene in Libya and its so-called Arab Spring revolution to overthrow former strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

Yes, Gadhafi was eventually killed, but by radical Islamists who hate our guts and want us dead as well. Now, Libya has predictably fallen into the hands of radical terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, equipped with military equipment like handheld anti-aircraft missiles the West supplied them with.

Last but not least comes the raging civil war in Syria, where McCain now wants to save the Muslim populace. Again, the Vietnam vet and alumnus of the Hanoi Hilton wants to go in full guns blazing. To what purpose, Senator? Would it not just be better to let the multiple murky Islamic factions kill themselves, a reality that should have sunk into U.S. foreign policy bigwigs when Iran and Iraq were at war many years ago? Why stop radical Muslims from whacking themselves, saving us the trouble of one day having to finish the job before they predictably turn on us once again?

Last week, with the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C., there was much grandstanding and breast beating by the Republican presidential candidates in particular. Like Sen. McCain, and despite Obama’s treasonous actions with regard to Iran, not one of these Republican “losers” advocated immediate American military intervention in a joint raid with the Israeli Air Force. It’s one thing to talk a good game, Messrs. Romney, Santorum and Gingrich; it’s another thing to actually stick your neck out and be direct about American interests and Israel’s imminent peril. Iran, during the Clinton, Bush and now Obama years, has been allowed to grow in strength and now is a great military power. Instead of fighting Iran when it was weak, we instead fought lesser Muslim states and, incredibly, failed at that as well.

It’s time for Republicans to finally face reality and be “men,” not cowards. The Iran nuclear threat needs to be removed now, and if the United States does not directly participate in this, the only rational intervention in the Middle East in at least the last 10 years, then our nation, Israel and the West will soon be in immediate danger. And, if our cowardly political leaders leave it to the Israelis to do the job themselves, the Jewish state will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons given its lesser conventional military capabilities. This could set off World War III!

Republicans on nearly all fronts – including non-existent real domestic budget cuts – have been a fraud. Obama is a traitor, but there has been no political counterweight to his treachery from the other party. We no longer have a republic, but just a bunch of dangerous political hacks from both sides of the aisle occupying time, space and “growing fat” in Washington, D.C., at our expense.
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