Friday, February 03, 2012

Mahmoud Abbas Orders Another Attack On InLightPress

Challah Hu Akbar | Feb 03, 2012

Last Saturday, I reported that InLightPress, a site that has run a number of articles critical of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was hacked by the Palestinian Authority under the orders of Abbas.

Within a few days the site was back online, and in their press release they said that “The attack came from the Palestinian Authority with the approval of President Abbas.” Since its return the site has continued to run articles critical of Abbas, one of which I reported upon.

It now appears that InLightPress has been hacked again. And once again they say the attack is coming from “a political entity.”

As I said the first time the site was hacked, this “political entity” is the Palestinian Authority. The order to bring down this site was ordered by Mahmoud Abbas himself.

Comment: Is this not just another form of terrorism-another tactic if you will? Freedom of speech does not exist, just as a bomb is designed to silence your enemies so are cyber attacks. We best wake up to this and fight back with a vengence.

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