Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joyce Kaufman. The 7 Reasons to Support Israel

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We do not apologize for the United State or for Israel!

Does the world care if Jewish kids run into bomb shelters every twenty minutes because Hamas shoots rockets at their home town daily? NO! Because the world never cared what happened to the we MUST not care what they think about us Jews and Israel as long as we talk the truth!

Israel is the place where every great thing that happened in terms of civilization was birthed there

Reason 1: Israel has the right to the land because of all the archeological evidence. You do not have to go into a long philosophical argument because the archeological evidence proves that Jews have been in Israel since the beginning of its civilization. Reason 2: Historic; history supports it totally and completely; the land belonged to Israel way before the Roman Empire conquered it and exiled many Jews, though some remained to live there and never left! 700 years ago the Turks conquered the land and controlled it until WWI when the land was conquered by the USA Founding Fathers, the British! The British Government was very greatful to a Jewish Chemist named Weisman who discovered a way to manufacture Nitro Glycerin from materials that existed in England and to the Jewish people who bank rolled all Weisman's research and so the British promised to give the Jews their Homeland back! That is exactly how it went down all is supported by historical evidence.

Reason 3: the practical value of the Israelis being there; Israel today is a modern marvel of agriculture. There is no place on earth where a desert has become an orchard.

Reason 4: Humanitarian Concerns ground; there were six millions Jews slaughtered in the last century because the Jews had no where to go or a home to call their own! Make sure that Israel stays in tact so no one pogrom or Holocaust takes place again!

Reason 5: Strategic ally to the United States; Israel is a deterrent, a detriment and impediment to certain groups that want to destroy democracies all over the world. More often than not, it is Israel that keeps these groups from coming to the USA doors. It is good to know that we in the USA have a genuine--the only--ally, strategic and otherwise—in the Middle East on whom the USA can depend.

Reason 6: Israel is a road block to terrorism; Israel has cutting edge technology to fight terrorism; The problem we have is that we have an administration that refuses to use it; an administration that thinks that if they take a stand against US foes they will lose favor in the courts of the world's opinion. Guess what...they hate us no matter what!

Reason 7: and the most important...because God said so! And if God said it, that settles it all! Amen!

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