Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Declaration of War

Ari Bussel

“To Israel’s enemies I have only one thing to say—HISS OFF!” Norma Zager

When a country’s enemies actively attempt to destroy it by any means possible, would one not expect the country to fight back?

Israel’s track record in that respect is dismal at best. Excuses aside, for eight long years, Israel’s “neighbor” Gaza (today’s Hamastan) was constantly bombarding her towns, cities and agricultural communities with rockets. Israel allowed the barrages to go on and on until finally fed up, at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 she embarked on Operation Cast Lead.As a result, she was accused of war crimes by a United Nations body that officiated an inquiry into Israel’s alleged wrongdoings under the leadership of Judge Richard Goldstone.

Still today rockets and missiles are continually launched and Israel is not taking these attacks seriously enough. She is unwilling or unable to face the root of the problem and the road she must travel to treat it.

Israel’s situation to the North is bleak. While Israel may claim that the situation is “calm” or even “under control” and that a “deterrent has been achieved,” that assessment is far removed from reality. Hezbollah is more armed than ever before and is able, if desired, to bring life in Israel to a standstill.

The Second War in Lebanon in 2006 highlighted the precarious condition of Israeli military. Many improvements have been initiated since under the leadership of the capable former Chief of Staff Ashkenazi. Yet, the enemy has not wasted time either, and if its threat was real in 2006, it is considerably greater in 2011.

Her enemies to the North and South, both cronies of Iran, who have coordinated and been able to learn and implement new terrorist methods from one another’s mistakes and successes, await a green light to attack. Additionally, Israel now faces a more stealth enemy in the guise of the Palestinian Authority.

Known as the “PA” it is a front for Hamas, posing and speaking to the outside world in a way much more palatable than “we are committed to destroy you.” Much leeway is therefore accorded the “PA,” turning one’s head when it burns Israeli products, when it actively engages in official sponsored incitement against Israel and even when its own bylaws call for the extinction of the Jewish State.

Article 12 of the Fatah Constitution sets the following goal: “Complete liberation of Palestine and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.” To achieve this goal, Article 17 provides the following method: “Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine.” And article 19 explains: “Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic, and the Palestinian Arab People’s armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence.”

They furthermore promise (ibid) “and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated.” So much for peace promises and a frightening look at the true intentions of Israel’s closest neighbors.

The “PA” is the West’s favorite, most commiserated child. People the world over cry over the plight of the “Palestinians,” when the latter enjoy the fastest growth anywhere in the world (higher even than China’s). It is a world gone crazy with make belief, where stories are embellished, facts never quite meet reality and their intention is one, and nothing but one: the Destruction of the Jewish State.

The PA latest maneuver is one of the smartest in history, taken directly out of Israel’s textbooks. Modern Israel was born out of a UN vote in November 1947. The Palestinians are now going to duplicate that very same action.

The goal, objectives, strategy and tactics are clearly spelled out. In fact, the “PA” is focused around the clock on the upcoming September meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations. There, the Palestinians will disclose that their leadership has been deciduously working on the establishment of a nation from the bottom up, its institutions and all manners of existence. The member nations will then be told that now it is time to recognize Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. Like a chorus they are then expected to repeat: “Amen!”

Preparatory work is in full swing, with members of the “PA” traveling the world over to ensure their request is accepted without a glitch. All indications, according to the accord with which their emissaries are received, are that the mission will be successful. They are already treated like royalty and accepted de facto as an independent country.

The world seems to ignore one simple fact: Palestine can only rise on the ruins of the only Jewish state. Possibly, this is exactly what everyone wishes.

What is Israel to do? There are conflicting opinions. Some call for the annexation of part of Judea and Samaria, while others urge the Prime Minister to work for the establishment of a Palestinian state. These are nothing but what in engineering may be called NOISE. September will arrive, Palestine will be a fait accompli and Israel will face new, insurmountable challenges.

The Palestinians are engaged in an extremely stealth war. The world continues to participate in their game, while Israel ignores its existence and thus does not fight back.

Unlike the Second War in Lebanon, the Goldstone Report or the Turkish Terrorist Flotilla, this time around national commissions of inquiry or regret-in-retrospect will not work. The process is irreversible.

Israel must face reality and fight for her life. She must find the will and the determination to prevail. But the battle must begin without any further delay, lest we find a new Middle Eastern reality in which Israel is a bygone notion.

The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.

The writers invite readers to view and experience an Israel and her politics through their eyes, Israel visitors rarely discover.

This point—and often—counter-point presentation is sprinkled with humor and sadness and attempts to tackle serious and relevant issues of the day. The series began in 2008, appears both in print in the USA and on numerous websites and is followed regularly by readership from around the world.

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First Published April 23, 2011

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