Monday, April 11, 2011

I rest several cases

The Post West

As it turns out, I was right that Goldstone recant would not make any difference; and I was right that the West acts out of hostility towards Israel and not out of any real concern for the Palestinians. The Commentator (Goldstone report set to continue passage through UN despite Goldstone’s retraction):

It now appears all but certain that the controversial report alleging deliberate Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza will not be withdrawn from the United Nations despite retractions of key allegations made in the report by its author, Justice Richard Goldstone.
One well-placed European diplomat told The Commentator on Saturday that all the signs this week from major European countries and from the United Nations itself suggested that hostility to the Jewish state remained so strong that even Goldstone’s remarkable comments, made in the Washington Post on April 1, could not stop the report’s momentum in its passage through UN bodies

Here is further evidence and also validation of my prediction that Israel will be made to pay for the instability in the Arab world that scares a West in decline. That the country responsible for the Holocaust is joining the effort is significant -- never again, my foot. The New York Times (Germany Pushes Israelis on Peace):

BERLIN — As Germany moves closer to other European countries in adopting an increasingly tough stance toward Israel’s reluctance to resume peace negotiations with the Palestinians, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that it was more urgent than ever that the talks be restarted. With the Middle East highly volatile as fighting and protests continue in a number of countries, Mrs. Merkel warned the visiting Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, against any further delay in returning to the negotiating table. “The Middle East peace talks have an impact on the stability of the region,” Mrs. Merkel said after a nearly two-hour meeting with Mr. Netanyahu.

And yet another correct prediction: Jerusalem Post (Arab League to ask UN to impose no-fly zone over Gaza):

The Arab League on Sunday announced during a special meeting in Cairo that it plans to press the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza amid an escalation in violence in the area, AFP reported.

Adds Jihad Watch:

The Arab League knows the jihadists would stand to gain on every possible outcome from such a measure, if it succeeded in passing. On the most basic level, they would have a free-fire zone from Gaza into Israel. They would score propaganda points if Israel chose to defy the ban in order to exercise its right to defend itself. They would scream "occupation!" at the top of their lungs if Israel opted for a ground incursion, claiming casus belli for "defensive jihad," which is ultimately a jihad waiting for an excuse.
They could thus potentially draw Israel into a broader conflict not only with Hamas and Hizballah, but neighboring countries, for which the deck is substantially stacked more against the Jewish state as Islamic parties are vying for power across the region. Above all, the Arab League would love to see Israel forced to choose between entering into an armed conflict with United Nations forces enforcing the no-fly zone, or having its hands tied, at the mercy of neighbors intent on destroying it.

Note, incidentally, that this was announced by Amr Moussa, currently the most popular of the candidates for the presidency in Egypt, and the League will meet in Cairo to issue the request. Note also the following:

Egyptian Rioters Try to Rip Down Israeli Flag from Embassy
Egyptian security forces surrounded the Israeli embassy Friday to keep thousands of rioters from attacking it. Protesters burned Israeli flags.

More on all this in my next post.

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