Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polarities of Christianity!

by Steven Shamrak

I have been writing my editorial letter for over 9 years. It is not against Christianity or Islam, regardless of how much harm they have inflicted upon the Jewish people. It is about the right of my nation to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land, although, some issues must not be buried, forgotten or remain unanswered.

Recently I have received messages from two Christians in my mail list after I had published the "Apology for Unintentional Mistake" article. I would like to share them with you. If you are a Christian, it is up to you to choose which one you would like to affiliate with: Communication from Roy and my answers:

"How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Was that not enough for you to recognize the truth?" - Is this a hidden Holocaust denial? Is it justification of the Holocaust using the Inquisition idea - to burn Jews if they do not convert to Christianity? Just be honest about your intentions toward Jews and do not hide behind a smokescreen of dishonest questions!

"The Church was not responsible for the Holocaust" - Silence of the Church was the major KILLER! The Holocaust was committed by Christians, Germans and local thugs. Most 'nice' people remained silent. This is the clear indication of responsibility. In Denmark, Bulgaria, even in Italy, to some degree, when the Nazi anti-Jewish bigotry was challenged, Jews were saved!

"The Chief Rabbi in Rome during World War II converted to Catholicism. Was that not a profound statement concerning the truth of the Catholic Church's position regarding the massacre of Jews by the Nazis?" - You must think what you write! This only "profoundly" proves the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, its aim to irradiate Jews physically or through conversion. It seems that the Holocaust was a useful tool, as was the Inquisition before it! For almost two thousand years the Church has been cynically keeping Jews alive in Rome, so they would witness the glory of the "second coming". This is not an act of LOVE - it is an ugly cruelty!

"I am not guilty of slavery, persecution, genocide, forced conversion, child abuse or silence about the killing of Christians by Muslims, so I cannot repent" - No, you might have not carried them out yet! But you are guilty of ignoring and even secretly supporting the revolting deeds that have been committed in the name of the Church and making excuses for them!

2. Communication from Ken

"You are absolutely correct. Many people who use the term Christian have no idea what Christianity really is. It is exactly as you say, about forgiveness, love, and one of the most important commandments besides the Law of Moses, is Thou Shalt Not Judge, yet many atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity. Christ even speaks of Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

True Christians know we (Church) are a branch (of Judaism), and we must bless the Jewish people and nation, that is one of Christ's main messages to us. But, sadly, the denominations of Christianity most often represent their own ideas and use it as a fear factor of control and personal gain. Please know there are many ministers in America who preach that it is our duty to help the Jewish nation..." (Please, read more on the subject: Message to Christian Friends of Jews )

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