Monday, August 17, 2009

Tending Someone Else’s Garden

Norma Zager

“This land is mine. God gave this land to me…” Theme from Exodus

These words of the theme from the movie Exodus bring a tear to the eye of any Zionist. Ironic they were written by a Christian. Penned by American icon Pat Boone, they have become the battle cry for Israel’s right to survive.

Boone’s deeply heartfelt belief in the Bible and the words contained in both Testaments provide true insights into the Christian commitment to Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. “God gave this land to me” connotes the Christian conviction in God’s promise to the Jewish people. I find it shocking so many Jews do not share this belief, all-too-willing to hand over the keys to the kingdom to their enemies.

The settlements in Judea and Samaria have become the eye at the center of the hurricane raging over Israel’s soul. Settlements are the icing on the cake of hatred and propaganda baked daily in Islam’s kitchen. The hypocrisy of the United States attitude toward Judea and Samaria would be laughable were it not so egregiously bias.

The Administration’s demand to halt expansion in these areas is one for the books. In a country where a newly elected president jeopardized the economic future of generations to ensure Americans remained in their homes, it is ironic he be so determined to rob Israelis of theirs.

This is so far beyond chutzpah; it exceeds the light years between Earth and Mars.

I apologize for dredging up ancient history, but I cannot resist this one. Although the U.S. did pay $24 for Manhattan Island, we got some terrific deal. At least they paid in beads. Other tribal lands were simply taken by force or treaty. Can one spell hypocrite?

In a recent meeting with Democratic Congressmen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman addressed a dialogue on Palestinian issues. He said:

“The current situation—in which no one authority represents all of the Palestinians; in which there is 'Hamastan' in Gaza and 'Fatahland' in Judea and Samaria; together with the platform presented at the Fatah party’s 6th General Assembly – buries any possibility to reach a comprehensive settlement with the Palestinians in the next few years. The uncompromising, extremist positions of the Palestinians concerning Jerusalem, the 'right of return' and the Jewish settlements create an unbridgeable gap between us.”

Lieberman explained the importance of Israel’s policy reflecting what is and not what may or may not be feasible in the future:

“… continuing the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians, improving security arrangements, and continuing to improve the Palestinians’ economic situation. That is the most that can be achieved in the next few years. Any other ostentatious goal, such as forcing an agreement in a set period of time, will end again in failure, disappointment, frustration, and conflict as well. We must concentrate as much as possible on the interim stage and not produce ultimatums. This is a realistic policy; all the rest is 'spin', public relations and a misunderstanding of the processes going on in the present stage,” he concluded.

The current Administration sees history through a prism of left wing ideology – in word (e.g.usage of Czars) and action. Consistent proof that past attempts at a peaceful resolution have failed miserably seems to escape its notice. Could the intentions of Islam to destroy Israel be any clearer? It is not peace at what cost. It is NO peace at any cost.

The Administration’s efforts are about Israel’s right to define its own destiny. President Obama’s desire to be King of the World could not be more obvious than when he attempts to dictate Israeli policy to appease the Muslim world and barely condemns Iran or North Korea’s murderous agendas.

Acorn, the right arm of the left, is an agency created solely to ensure by whatever means, legal or otherwise, every American owns property. It mattered little if they could afford the costs of home ownership. God Bless the USA.

If it bankrupted America to keep these people in their homes, so be it. It is well worth the cost, at least as far as this Administration is concerned.

Israeli settlers are not asking the U.S. to pay for their homes. They are not asking anyone to do anything shady like, say, collect signatures from dead people or from fictional characters like Mickey Mouse. They are just living their lives, raising their families, creating an oasis in the desert, as Israelis have done since they were allowed access to their own land.

How can it be okay for the United States government to destroy our country to ensure families remain in their houses, and not be okay for Israelis? Do I smell the stench of a ripe double standard here? Is someone sticking their nose in business where they do not belong? Do I smell the stench of Louis Farrakhan in this recipe?

Perhaps if Israelis created an Acorn Middle East branch, they would be entitled to the same courtesies as those who bought houses they could not afford, signed papers without reading them and were used and swindled by greedy banks and realtors.

But this is not the Israeli way. Jewish housewives and mothers pick up guns to defend their homes, serve in the military and often lead in the battle to defend the Jewish Homeland. Israeli Jews serve God and then devote their lives to their country and their families. Their only expectation from others is to be able to live in peace, not to have a Palestinian come with an axe and murder their 13 year old kids. They know how to share the land and live together, despite the propaganda that denies the existence of such positive partnerships.

Those who preach contradictions as the current Administration by “ordering” Israelis to stop building and growing as a nation, speak from both sides of their mouths. So how can one ever discern which side speaks the truth?

I noticed when the President visited Israel, he wrote a prayer to insert into the Wailing Wall, as is the custom of Jewish people. I also found it interesting he had trouble getting the paper to stay within the Wall’s small crevice. It took a couple of tries on his part for the Wall to accept his prayer.

Perhaps someone was trying to tell us something? Hmmm, this gives new credence to all those stories about the power of the “Wall” we have heard for centuries.

Whether we agree or disagree with the President’s beliefs and agenda, he will serve his term. Then the American people will decide whether or not they care to entertain him in the White House for another four. Thankfully, that is how it is done here.

Israel and America have always been kindred spirits in democracy, their citizens living and working to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They have enhanced the world with their achievements and advances. Shared the knowledge that although the world may be overrun with fascist, oppressive rulers and fanatics, sanity and reason will prevail when democratic society is left to its own devices. The blossoming communities created in Judea and Samaria enhanced civilization. The U.S. should get back to the business of allowing its citizens to do the same without interference.

It is impossible to tend one’s own garden when you are busy planting weeds in someone else’s. Americans are capable of defining their own destiny; the people of Israel deserve no less.

Thanks Ari

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