Monday, July 27, 2009

More lecturing of Israel from the Obama administration

Ed Lasky
American Thinker

Recently, Barack Obama lectured the Israelis to be more self-reflective when approaching their neighbors (the same neighbors who spread anti-Semitism around the world and make clear their most fervent desire is to annihilate them). Of course, this public hectoring is an insult to the most self-reflective people in the region: a nation with a rich, disputatious culture, one that guarantees the rights of other religions, has a flourishing democracy, has a host of world renowned universities and thinkers, has a number of Non-Governmental Organizations that are hyper-critical and self-reflective enough for all Israelis, and has a publishing industry that has always been a cornerstone of its society (contrast that with the comparably non-self-reflective societies around them).Now the one -two punch reaches its next stage. Hillary Clinton lectures the Israelis to be patient with America's approach towards the mad mullahs - one that is composed of overtures routinely rejected. No doubt this message is being delivered by the parade of American officials touring Israel now.

The Israelis have been paragons of patience when it comes to the Iranians, Hamas, and Palestinian and Hezbollah terror attacks. The Israelis have watched while the Europeans, the UN, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and America (including America under the "leadership" of Barack Obama) have spent years in fruitless negotiations with Iran. Meanwhile, Iran approaches the threshold of becoming a nuclear power.

Yet Hillary Clinton lectures the Israelis to be patient because somehow Barack Obama's talk therapy approach will disarm Iran. Trusting Barack Obama with their lives would be the height of chutzpah for the Israelis - considering his actions to date have made clear he has zero empathy for what they face: another Holocaust.

Beyond that, how has Obama's apology and appeasement focus worked so far? Our allies have completely ignored his entreaties to reduce greenhouse commissions, provide troops to Afghanistan, stimulate their economies, and a number of other requests by Obama they have just ignored. If our allies ignore Obama's wishes, how likely will the Iranians grant him his wishes, considering their quest for the nuclear bomb has become sacrosanct?

Maybe the Israelis should learn from America's other allies and foes: just ignore the man that so few of them trust anyway.

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