Monday, May 25, 2009

Abu Toameh's pointed statement and Daryl's reponse‏

Abu Toameh writes in last week's Jerusalem Post:

"The international community gave Arafat money to open a TV and radio station and Arafat used the media to tell his people how bad and evil the Jews are. So the Palestinians said to themselves, "Well, that means Hamas is right about the Jews. If these Jews are so evil and so bad, why are we making peace with them?" Daryl writes:
Even after the receiving of the Torah, the Jews still needed 40 years in the Sinai desert to overcome and extract
the misguided values and teachings that were absorbed while living in Pharaoh's Egypt.

If only the Palestinians, Arabs and Islamics could have a "receiving of the Torah" type experience to begin to extract the hatred filled poison upon which they have been nurtured. Even if that kind of miraculous event could occur, they would still require generations of maturation and evolution to learn to live without hate and entitlement.

The political leaders and intellectuals of this world need to grasp that values don't change overnight or with a UN Resolution or with a change in a border.

Sadly AIPAC as well as world leaders have come to ignore that its human values and not maps and borders which are at stake and must be responsibly fixed. The real ooccupation is that of unleashed Jew hatred and hatred of the West which have been allowed to once again infest over a billion minds.

The story is American leaders, military leaders, the EU and the UN only have the skill set to change borders as their solution to any problem. The reality that changing borders has nothing to do with the problem doesn't compute for these people. Borders they can control but the key fuel to the fire has no borders. Today's leaders believe they are doing something productive by drawing lines on a map while being oblivious to the religious based wide spread teachings of hate and legitimized human destruction.

The challenge is to change the language and confront the taboo. The slogan might be: "Islam Knows No Borders" or to be more PC "Radical Islam Doesn't Care About Borders" or "Radical Islam Has No Borders"

The belief that a political solution is an answer to a religious based conquest is what has to be put to rest.

Strength to all,

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D., Founder
Israel Institute
Advancement for
Alternative Energy Innovations

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