Monday, March 02, 2009

A case of leftist arrogance

Left convinced of its superiority, wants rightist government to fail
Hanoch Daum

What the hell is happening to you, dear leftists? Where did you come up with such deep arrogance? I'm talking about the statement I hear from you all the time these days: "I wish to see a narrow rightist government. Let's see what you can do." Yes, Netanyahu also prefers Kadima in his government rather than National Union – you're on to him. But why, actually, don't you accommodate him? Is this country not important to you?

What we are facing at this time is a crazy and unprecedented situation: Leftists are interested in seeing Israel humiliating itself worldwide, an economic collapse, and failed peace negotiations, just so they can prove to the rightist camp that it cannot run the country on its own.

Well, here's an open secret: It's true! The Right, on its own, cannot run the country when it depends on the National Union. It is also unable to manage a budget while depending on the ultra-Orthodox parties. However, the Left cannot do it on its own either. In order to run this country, we need unity.

Mature, noble behavior

In recent days, the Left has also been asking another question: What does the Right even have to offer on the diplomatic front?

It's an excellent question. After all, the Left has plenty to offer. Ehud Olmert met with Mahmoud Abbas once a week. Once a week. And what did he achieve? Amazing accomplishments, such as a comprehensive peace agreement with the Arabs. Just like Hamas disarmed thanks to the disengagement and the evacuation of Gush Katif. Just like Syria decided to bid the axis of evil farewell and help us secure Gilad Shalit's release, thanks to the messages relayed to President Assad by the Left.

All of this happened because of the leftist approach. All those beautiful years, where we knew no wars, only happened thanks to the Left. Therefore, the question of what the Right has to offer is an excellent, incisive question.

Or in other words, the diplomatic issue is not the only matter currently on the agenda; we can go for a broad government in order to address other issues: The Iranian problem, the economic crisis, the relationship between religious and secular Israelis. But no – Livni prefers to prove to everyone that the Right cannot do it on its own; indeed, such mature, noble behavior.

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