Tuesday, March 17, 2009


David Basch

"The Arabs remain greatly advantaged because Israel will not use her power to gain victory over her enemies,... keeping Israel at perpetual war with the Arab enemy, which ... puts the US in the Middle between Israel and an Arab world that the US wants
to have a friendly relationship with.... something a good ally should never do." In Israel's struggle for existence, the Arabs have a great advantage:
The Arabs know full well that they want to destroy Israel, root and
branch, but Israel's ruling elites refuse to recognize this. As a
result, Israel's elites constantly make diplomatic concessions and
show restraint in order not to forgo an imagined possibility of living
in peace with the implacable Arabs -- concessions that gravely weaken

The situation truly resembles lambs bargaining with jackals and
offering all kinds of thoughtful goodies to get the jackals to not
seize them by the throat. Such peaceful offers, of course, avail not
in the nature of the case -- the case of Israeli lamb bargaining with
the Arab jackal.

Unfortunately, those Israelis with liberalistic ideological obsessions
-- too many for the health and long term prospects of Israel -- reject
the lamb-jackal analogy as racist and on grounds that all men are
interested in striving for peace, if only the seeker of peace will be
willing to make some sacrifices to eliminate the unjust causes of
friction. This Israel perpetually strives to do, surrendering
strategic territories and strong diplomatic postures, ever empowering
the enemy that uses such empowerment to redouble their efforts in the
war to destroy Israel.

When such liberal obsessions are the rule among the ruling classes of
a nation -- the very situation known as "over righteousness" that
Ecclesiastes/Koheles warned against as leading to self destruction --
you can forget about making your case to those leaders by reasoned
argument for this is completely ineffective with those obsessed, for
the arguments are not heard, which is why the Arabs remain greatly

As a result of this obsessive liberal mind set -- which, generalizing
from his past behavior, some say that Netanyahu shares -- the Arabs
remain greatly advantaged because Israel will not use her power to
gain victory over her enemies, making it impossible through Israeli
decisive military victory for the Arab enemy over the foreseeable future
to carry out their desire to destroy Israel. Hence, it keeps Israel at
perpetual war with the Arab enemy, which is bad enough in itself but
which has another downside in that it puts the US in the Middle
between Israel and an Arab world that the US wants to have a friendly
relationship with.

Think about this situation. What kind of wise friend does this? What
kind of good friend puts its great US ally in a position that
compromises this ally's position to keep in friendship an Arab world
it wants to befriend and even to make that US ally the target of
terrorism and war from that Arab world? At least this is the kind of
poisonous charge that is made by people like Ambassador Freeman to
receptive ears in the US administration. A wise Israel, a friend to
the US, would prevent that poisoning from happening by not letting
Israel's war situation with the Arabs continue to fester by failing to
achieve victory.

Because Israel will not win her war and continues to make the Arabs
realistically think that eventually the Arab side will weaken and
destroy Israel, the Arab-Israeli war festers and keeps the US
perpetually compromised. Isn't it time, before it is too late, for
Israel to end that situation, not by surrender, which would be
catastrophic to the Israeli people, but by finally defeating the Arab

A situation of Israeli victory had occurred at the time of Begin and
Shamir. Israel was so successful in a series of victories then that the
Arabs actually had to sue for peace. But instead of Israel being wary
of an Arab enemy with all religious and nationalist incentives that
make it implacably unable to live in peace with Israel, the enemy was
soon enough able to trick Israel into unwise, weakening concessions.

This was a process fostered by Israeli leftist sentiment that saw the
new Arab conciliation that emerged because of Arab defeat as nothing
but a sign of the truth of the fanciful leftist world view. Sure
enough, the Israeli leftist dreamers came into leadership in Israel
and embarked on a series of unwise concessions that have by now almost
totally reversed the consequences of earlier Israeli victories and
again placed the US in the Arab cross hairs along with Israel. It once
more turned Israel back into the bad ally-friend. For surely, it is
a friend who is not in need that is a friend indeed.

When one reads of the latest machinations of the Arabs and see how
they are quite willing to have the Hamas, openly dedicated to Israel's
destruction, join with Fatah, barely covert in its dedication to
Israel's destruction, and add a so-called "friendly" Arab leader like
Fayyad into the mix to pose as peaceniks -- though even Arabs like
Fayyad insist on bringing in millions of new Arabs called refugees
into Israel, a real killer demand that clearly reveals their true mind
-- and to draw financial and military support from the world,
including from the US, it becomes evident that Arab peace intentions
are a complete sham -- a conclusion evident to all except to the
self-destructive, surrender artists of Israel.

Were Israel to face the reality of the deadly, implacable intentions
of her Islamic enemies, Israel's leaders could devise war policies
that would bring her the decisive victory, for which there is no
substitute. This would remove her US ally as well as herself from
the enemy's cross hairs. But so far Israel won't do it.

And Jewish leaders wonder why Diaspora Jewry is fed up with this kind
of Israel and is plunged into virtual apathy about her fate, which
Israeli leaders compromise daily.


David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, The Hidden Shakespeare, which proves through talmudic and other Jewish sources that Shakespeare was in fact Jewish.

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