Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Humanitarian aid continues to flow in to the Gaza Strip; Jordanian field hospital arrives in Gaza

Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Spokesman)
Kerem Shalom, Karni, Nahal Oz and Erez crossings operated today, enabling humanitarian movements and transfer of humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip. Throughout the day, a total of 225 trucks with 6192 tons of supplies delivered goods at the request of UNRWA, the World Food Programme, UNICEF, ANERA, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and Handicap International. Included was a donation from Jordan as well as goods for the private sector.
Also, 366,000 liters of heavy duty diesel for the Gaza power station, 122 tons of gas for domestic use and 188,000 liters of commercial diesel were transferred via the Nahal Oz fuel depot. Following extensive maintenance activities, Karni conveyor belt resumed operation and conveyed 3800 tons of different types of grain.
In accordance with the ongoing Jordanian aid to the people of Gaza, a Jordanian military field hospital, coordinated between Israel and the Jordanian authorities, arrived today in the Gaza Strip. Some 33 trucks with approximately 210 medical professionals as well as equipment entered the region at Allenby Bridge and traveled in a convoy to the Gaza Strip via Erez Crossing. The field hospital is to be established adjacent to the Shifa hospital.
Since the beginning of the operation, 70,035 tons of humanitarian supplies have been transferred to the Gaza Strip. Also, 6,565,451 liters of fuel have been conveyed through Nahal Oz and Kerem Shalom. In the ongoing humanitarian effort, since the unilateral cease fire (18/1/2009), 34,460 tons of aid has been delivered to the Gaza Strip and 2,746,900 liters of fuel.
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