Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist"

Robert Spencer

The UK's only Muslim peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed, was responsible for the British Parliament's dhimmi cancellation of a showing of Geert Wilders' film Fitna. He called the cancellation "a victory for the Muslim community.” And Brian of London has more: Two years ago when I helped organise Bat Ye'or's visit to the House of Commons we had the pleasure of receiving Lord Nazir Ahmed as our guest. I personally went to enormous trouble and expense to send a personalised printed invitation to every member of both the House of Commons and Lords including spending hours stuffing envelopes before delivering them back to the Houses to be distributed in the internal mail system. We had around 50 MPs and peers which, we were told, was not a bad turn out for such an event. I had also invited just about every member of the press likely to come and a few did.

Lord Ahmed listened to Bat Ye'or give her Eurabia talk. He was the first to ask a question, which was really just an angry statement. He blustered and complained and ended with "By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist". He then got up and left.

This was, of course, unreported in the UK or anywhere.

"By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist." He said it..

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