Monday, December 01, 2008

Who do you mean Mr. Assad?

Assad urges France, EU to help lift Gaza blockade

Syrian leader tells chief diplomatic advisor to President Sarkozy that Israeli siege 'worsens humanitarian situation' in Hamas-controlled territory; Israel says keeping crossings closed due to Qassam fire
AFP and Ynet

Syrian President Bashar Assad held talks with two French envoys on Sunday and urged Paris and the European Union, currently headed by France, to work to lift the Israeli blockade of Gaza Claude Gueant, secretary-general of the French presidency, and Jean-David Levitte, chief diplomatic advisor to President Nicolas Sarkozy, arrived in Damascus earlier in the day and discussed "Franco-Syrian cooperation and the situation in the Middle East," said the official Syrian news agency SANA.

Assad praised the "efforts made by France with countries in the region, aimed at finding solutions to different problems."

He urged Paris and the European Union to "work to lift the blockade imposed on the Palestinian people in Gaza which worsens the humanitarian situation" in the Hamas-controlled territory.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has instructed thhe security establishment to keep the Gaza goods crossings closed on Monday as well, in light of the ongoing rocket fire emanating from the Strip.

Barak made the decision following a nightly security assessment.

Comment: Of course it is common knowledge over here that Egypt, Gaza's southern border country has had in place a blockade far longer than Israel's temporary one. To demonstrate the insincerity, the obtuse arguments, the hypocritical request of Assad and other Arab leaders clearly they must mean for the international community to get Egypt to lift its permanent blockade? Even the local media knows this is true so when you read about the "horrors" of the temporary blockade by Israel, know that the media decided long ago to MISREPRESENT the truth about "blockades". Know also that if "others" were really concerned about Gaza they would mention in every speech, every interview and in every article that Israel does temporary blockades in response to ongoing rocket fire into Israel proper, a sovereign nation, maiming, and killing civilians. These same "others" are held responsible for all actions by Hamas!

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